Companion Program

Singapore - November 16 - 22, 2019

Key Info

If you are traveling with a friend or family member over 18 years of age you can register them for the IETF Companion Program for only $25.00 USD.

Benefits include:

  • Ability to attend the official Welcome Reception from 17:00-19:00 on Sunday, 17 November. There will be an area of the Welcome Reception room designated for companions to meet and greet each other!
    Location: Fairmont Ballroom Foyer
  • Participation in a separate companion email list if you choose. Communicate and make plans with other IETF Companions.
  • A distinctive meeting badge that grants access to the venue (not to be used to attend working sessions)
  • An opportunity to participate in many exciting Companion Events!

You can register your companion at any time via the IETF website here or onsite at the meeting.

Any Companion may join the free companion's email list here.

There is also an IETF Companions Facebook Group.