Visas and Local Letters of Invitation

This page provides updated information regarding local letters of invitation and visa information for IETF 106 in Singapore.

Key Info

Visa Information

To check if you require a visa for entry to Singapore, please reference the page here:

The Singapore Tourism Board has provided a letter of support for attendees. This letter can be found HERE.

Local Letters of Invitation

Moratel International, the connectivity sponsor for IETF 106, has agreed to provide letters of invitation. Letters of invitation are available through the registration system. Once you register for IETF 106 you may request a local letter of invitation through a link in your confirmation email or the self-service portal. Please confirm with your local authority if you will need a hard copy letter of invitation prior to requesting one.

If you’ve previously attended an IETF meeting, you can request a letter of invitation here:

If IETF 106 will be your first IETF meeting, you are required to complete payment of your meeting registration prior to requesting a letter of invitation. Once registration and payment are completed, you may request a letter of invitation through a link in your confirmation email or in the self-service portal.