Guide for IETF 107 Session Presenters

Webex is the collaboration tool being used for IETF 107. This guide provides information and a short set of additional session presenters should review before joining a session at IETF 107 even if you have used Webex before.

Key Info

In addition to taking the steps outlined in the Guide to Using Webex for IETF 107 Participants, presenters should:

Take extra care with audio setup

Whichever method you use to join the session, taking some extra care with audio will make your role as a presenter easier. In addition to testing your set up in advance (see the test session schedule in the Participant Guide), it is strongly recommended to plan to be in a quiet place during the session and to use a headset. Further tips are available in the Webex resources listed below to help configure everything.

Do not send video

Video is not being used during IETF 107 sessions.

Be ready to present

Presentations can be shared in Webex by opening them and then sharing the application in which they are open. NOTE: If your application (browser or PDF viewer, for example) has multiple windows open and you switch windows, whichever window is displayed locally to you will be shared with all participants. There is no way to share a single window from a specific application.

Typically, the session chair will drag the “presenter ball” (the small Webex icon adjacent to a name in the meeting roster) to the name of the presenter, which allows that person to share content. Anyone in the meeting can “take the ball,” so when the chair wants to reclaim presenter rights, they can drag the ball back to their own name in the roster, or to the next presenter’s name.

Use full screen view when presenting

Setting your application view to “Full screen” will make it easier for participants to view your presentation materials.

Additional Resources