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Request for Conversation (HotRFC) at IETF 108

HotRFCs are lightning talks for the IETF community.

Do you have an idea, problem space, or proposal that IETFers should hear about? Do you want to propose IETF work, but aren’t sure if your idea is ready or who will be interested? Consider giving a Request for Conversation (HotRFC) lightning talk at IETF 108.

A final agenda and presentation will be available on the IETF meeting materials website.

Goals for this event
  • Provide an IETF-wide get together
  • Encourage brainstorming conversations
  • Provide Hackathon projects greater visibility
  • Advertise cross-area, new-work ideas and attract co-collaborators
  • Bring new ideas/work from elsewhere but shortened to inspire

Agenda requests are now being accepted for the Request for Conversation (HotRFC) lightning talk session. Presenters will submit a 4-minute video to make their case for collaboration. Interested folks can continue the discussion online. Goals include encouraging brainstorming conversations, helping new work proposals find collaborators, raising awareness of relevant work going on elsewhere, and promoting BarBoFs.

For IETF-108 we are going to try to preserve the value of this session while adapting it to a fully online meeting. Keep in mind this is an experiment and feedback is welcome to improve it should we be in this situation again.

Talk format and submissions
  • To request a slot, submit a short abstract to that includes the following
    • Talk title
    • Presenter, Affiliation
    • Short topic abstract (topics should be IETF-related in some way)
    • Coordinates to learn more, contact those involved, &/or relevant meetings
  • All talks will be presented via pre-recorded video
    • To submit a talk, send a link to a YouTube video to no later than 2400 UTC July 21, 2020
    • VIDEO MUST BE NO MORE THAN 4 MINUTES IN LENGTH (longer videos will be rejected)
    • We will aggregate the videos into an IETF-108 HotRFC YouTube playlist on the IETF YouTube channel
  • We will provide a Slack channel for each talk to facilitate discussion.
    • Slack has been selected because it is lighter-weight than dedicated email lists and supports asynchronous messaging with history. (Recall I said this was an experiment. :)
    • Assuming no hiccups, the playlist and channels should be up around July 22. I’ll send a note to the IETF & 108attendees when they are ready.
Questions you might answer in your talk
  • Do you want to meet as a group this week on this topic?
  • Is your topic being addressed in the IETF this week? Where & when?
  • Is your goal to have a BoF or WG on this topic?
  • Where can I read more?
  • How can I reach you?
Comments on acceptable topics
  • Topics without a direct relationship to the IETF may be rejected as out of scope.
  • Work rejected by a working group can be included if there is a story about why it may be relevant elsewhere in the IETF.
  • Work already taken up within a WG is in scope if there is a reason to bring in others from beyond the wg/area.
  • Humorous talks are OK.
  • New work is OK.
  • Hackathon projects / insights are OK.