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IETF 110 Scavenger Hunt

Join your fellow IETFers in Gather for a scavenger hunt game!

  • Join the IETF Gather space. (Password: notinprague)
  • Find the answers to as many clues as possible.
    • Five persistent clues will be hidden in Gather all week.
    • Bonus daily clues will be added each day (Monday-Friday) and will only be visible for a limited time.
    • Clues labeled Secret Word will lead you to a picture with a word or phrase on it (which will appear between two asterisks, like *secret word*). Write down the secret word as the answer for that clue.
    • Clues labeled Screenshot ask you to take a screenshot of something and post it on social media with the hashtag #IETF110. Provide a link to your post. (If you do not use social media, you may attach the screenshot to the email with the rest of your answers.)
    • Clues labeled Secretariat ask a question that any member of the IETF Secretariat should be able to answer for you.
  • To submit your answers, send one email with all of your answers and any attached screenshots to with the subject line "IETF 110 Scavenger Hunt Entry."
Persistent Clues (Available All Week)

1) Screenshot. Draw a self-portrait on one of the whiteboards.

2) Screenshot. Take a screenshot of your avatar in a group of at least 4 people (please do not include participant video).

3) Screenshot. Find the Golem and have your avatar take a selfie with him.

4) Secretariat. If IETF 110 was actually being held in Prague this week, where would the Secretariat be having dinner tonight?

5) Secret Word. This game is full of them, but for this clue, we're being quite literal.

Bonus Daily Clues (Monday-Friday)


Secret Word. A famous Prague-born author has left a message for you in one of his books.


Secret Word. The Prague Astronomical Clock was taken down for reconstruction in 2018, but it was restored in time for IETF 104. For IETF 110, it's been transported into Gather.


Secret Word. You have a break between sessions, and it's time for a drink. What's on the menu?


Secret Word. A visitor from the National Marionette Theatre has a message for you.


Secret Word. DANISH is a BoF, but there's another kind of pastry out today.

To win
  • Second Prize: To be eligible for Second Prize, you must find at least 6) clues (this can be any combination of persistent and bonus daily clues). The first 10 entries that meet this criteria will win the second prize.
  • Grand Prize: To be eligible for the Grand Prize, you must find all 10 clues (5 persistent clues + all 5 of the bonus daily clues). The first 5 eligible entries that meet this criteria will win the grand prize.

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