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IETF 113 Vienna Frequently Asked Questions

A greater percentage of remote participants expected for this meeting and local rules and regulations related to the ongoing COVID-related pandemic will require some new approaches and measures for IETF 113.

IETF 113 will be the first in-person meeting held since November 2019. Local rules and regulations related to the ongoing COVID-related pandemic impose additional requirements for in-person participation. The IETF Administration LLC and Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) are anticipating a greater percentage of remote participants for this meeting and will be implementing new capabilities to enhance their participation. This FAQ will be updated as new information is available.

Questions or suggestions about this FAQ are always welcome at:

Last updated 2022-01-19

General questions

When will registration open?

Registration is planned to be open the week of 24 January, pending finalization of VAT arrangements.

Why do I need to sign into my IETF Datatracker account to register for the meeting?

Access to Meetecho, the IETF’s meeting platform, is managed via IETF Datatracker’s authentication. Meetecho will be used by remote and in-person participants. Using your existing account ensures that your meeting access will be properly configured.

If you don’t already have one, visit the IETF Datatracker website to quickly and easily create an account free of charge.

Can I change registration types (e.g. from onsite to remote)?

Yes, absolutely. Anyone who registers as an onsite participant and then needs to participate remotely will get the same fee tier when they convert their registration. For example, if you register and pay for onsite participation during the early bird registration period and then need to convert that to remote participation, you will get the early bird remote participation fee rate even if we are one week from the meeting. To change your registration type, please email and the Secretariat will help you convert your registration.

Will my meeting registration be refunded if the situation changes close to the meeting?

If the IETF determines that 113 can no longer be held as a hybrid meeting with participants onsite in Vienna and you have registered as an Onsite Participant, your fee will be refunded and you will have the option to register as a Remote Participant. 

Will my hotel reservation be refunded if I can no longer travel to the meeting?

If you are staying at the Hilton Vienna Park (the IETF meeting venue), please review the guest room cancellation terms provided during the booking process for details. If you are staying at another property, you should closely review their terms. 

It is strongly recommend that onsite participants consider travel insurance for IETF 113. 

Will session chairs be required to participate in person?

No. Onsite participation is not required for anyone, including session chairs. Chairs will be able to use Meetecho to chair their sessions remotely. Training sessions and online guides will be available ahead of the meeting for remote chairs, and advance preparation is highly encouraged. More information will be provided as details are set.

What will the meeting schedule be?

In order to accommodate the number of people who are expected to participate online, the IESG will aim to maintain a schedule that is similar to past fully-online meetings, i.e., with approximately six hours of session time on most days. Exact details of the daily schedule and the scheduling of other meeting related activities are still under development and will be announced as they are confirmed. 

Onsite participation questions (non-COVID)

Will there be any other changes to onsite participation for working sessions?

There will be a number of changes to allow meeting sessions to better integrate in-person and remote participations. Many of these will include in-person participants using Meetecho more actively. Additional information, training, and testing sessions will be available in advance of and during IETF 113 meeting week.

Remote participation

Are any new capabilities anticipated for remote participants?

The hybrid model planned for IETF 113 anticipates remote participants using the same Meetecho capabilities developed and used over the past two years for fully online meetings. There will be some changes for chairs and in-person participants to better integrate all types of participants into sessions. More information, training, and testing sessions will be available ahead of the meeting

COVID-related questions

What are the COVID-related requirements for in-person IETF 113 participation?

There are several layers of requirements related to the travel to, participation in, and departure from Vienna, Austria, for IETF 113. The information in this FAQ aims to provide some high-level guidance believed to be correct as of the date of its publication, but it is strongly recommended to check information published by the responsible authorities for the latest information. These include:

The information in this section is considered current as of 19-January-2022 and will be updated regularly.

What are the requirements for entering Austria?

Requirements change and vary by the country from which you are arriving. Please refer to the Austria travel website for the latest information.

What additional individual requirements are there in Vienna?

Vienna has COVID-related requirements in addition to Austria’s, such as requiring masks in hotels, restaurants, and shops. As these may change, please see Vienna’s  webpage for the latest information. 

What additional requirements are there for the IETF 113 meeting?

The Vienna convention bureau website provides more information related to meetings such as the IETF. The IETF will be implementing local requirements for the IETF 113 in-person meeting, including:

  • developing a COVID prevention plan: this will be developed by the IETF Secretariat,
  • conducting daily PCR testing of all participants: the IETF will provide free daily testing at the meeting venue for all participants,
  • requiring face masks (must be FFP2 or N95) when indoors and outside of guest rooms: FFP2 masks are readily available at local shops and we will also have masks available onsite,
  • assigning seating in meeting rooms: the Secretariat is working on the best way to manage this.
  • designating a COVID Officer, who will oversee implementation of COVID requirements and the IETF’s COVID prevention plan.

This information will be updated if the requirements change and as more details are available.

Will the IETF have any other COVID-related measures in place?

Social distancing is not currently required by the city or venue. However, we recognize that participants have a wide range of comfort levels with physical proximity so the Secretariat will provide color-coded accessories (e.g. wristbands, pins) for participants to indicate their social distancing preference.

How will capacity limits be handled for either individual meeting rooms or the meeting venue in general?

The IETF is partnering with the hotel and utilizing their expertise to assist us with maintaining a safe environment and abiding by local rules and regulations. Capacity limits in meeting rooms could be handled by counting attendees at the door, designating an entrance and an exit from meeting rooms, and directing those over the capacity limit to a remote participation room. As the situation develops and we get closer to the meeting dates we will have more specific procedures for how various rules and regulations will be adhered to.

Will any special steps be taken for hotel room check-in?

At this time, guests will be required to show proof of vaccination on check-in to the hotel. Registration on arrival will be done via electronic tablet and disinfected between guests. A door seal will be placed on all guest rooms to indicate that sanitization has been completed.

What happens if I test positive for COVID when I’m attending IETF 113? 

If you receive a positive test result or suspect that you are positive for COVID-19, please return to your hotel room and contact the designated COVID Officer. There are official procedures and support in place for the city of Vienna that the designated COVID Officer will assist you with. The Vienna government provides more information on the current process and support for suspected COVID-19 cases.

Will the daily PCR tests provided by the IETF meet pre-return travel requirements?

As we finalize the daily testing processes, we will determine how test results will be shared with individual participants and whether they will be in a form useful for travel purposes. We will update this information as it becomes available.