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Preparing for IETF 115

This page provides details of the resources available to prepare for the upcoming hybrid IETF meeting.

It is strongly recommended to review this information even if you have participated in a past IETF meeting using Meetecho.

General notes

For IETF hybrid meetings, all onsite and remote session chairs and participants will need to sign into each session in which they participate using a Web browser.

As with past fully-online IETF meetings, an IETF Datatracker login and Meetecho will be used (by chairs and participants) to generate session blue sheets (attendance lists) and to manage a unified queue for all participants, both remote and in-person. A special version of Meetecho designed to work on mobile devices will be available for in-person participants.

Information for participants

Remote participants will use the Web-based Meetecho client as with past fully-online meetings. Participants at the meeting venue in London are able to use a streamlined mobile-friendly version of Meetecho during sessions. A Meetecho guide for participants updated for IETF 115 will be available several weeks before the meeting.

Onsite participants in sessions and other IETF-controlled rooms will be required to wear an FFP2/N95 masks or better. In meeting rooms, active speakers, defined as those who are at the front of the room presenting or speaking in the mic queue, can remove their mask while speaking. See the IETF 115 FAQ for further details.

Information for session chairs

All session chairs whether onsite or remote will use the full version of Meetecho. A Meetecho guide for session chairs updated for IETF 115 will be available several weeks before the meeting.

Self-schedule test sessions for chairs

As with past meetings, session chairs can to schedule sessions on-demand to test set ups and arrange run throughs with presenters. This feature is available ahead of the meeting for working group and research group chairs. These test sessions do not create interim meetings.

Onsite testing

On 5-6 November 2022 an example session room will be available at the venue hotel for onsite session chairs and participants to test their setups ahead of meeting sessions. Session chairs may reserve an in-person testing time slot in advance and use the self-schedule, on-demand test option described above.

More information and questions

More information is available via the IETF 115 meeting page and the Frequently Asked Questions webpage. Questions should be sent to

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