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Things To Note

Miscellaneous Information Worth Noting

Honolulu, HI, USA
November 9 - 14, 2014

  1. General Hotel Safety Tips
  2. Hotel Resort Activities
  3. Meeting Wiki
  4. Restaurants

1. General Hotel Safety Tips

  • Watch your luggage when checking in and out of your hotel.
  • Make sure no one hears your name and room number while at the front desk.
  • Find out your hotel's policy on key control and the room cleaning schedules.
  • Call the desk to verify the identity of room service, repair persons, etc., especially if you did not call for them. Know what the hotel identification badge looks like.
  • Deposit your valuables in the hotel safe and keep an inventory of what was deposited; never leave cash or other valuables in your room.
  • Lock your luggage when it is left in the room.
  • Know how to double lock your room door.
  • Use the door viewer to identify anyone requesting entry to your room; report any suspicious activity to hotel staff.
  • Keep the key with you at all times; never leave it at the front desk.
  • Never leave a key in your room.
  • Familiarize yourself with the fire exit routes posted in your room.

2.Hotel Resort Activities

The Hilton Hawaiian Village offers a variety of activities including yoga, hula lessons, and more! The IETF has arranged for a reduced resort fee that attendees within the IETF block can opt into for $15 per day. To opt into this opportunity please go to the front desk of the Hilton Hawaiian Village. For a complete list of benefits see!

The IETF has arranged for health club access to be included in the guest rate. Use your hotel room key to enter the health club!

3. Meeting Wiki

The IETF 91 meeting wiki (Your Wiki) has been created for the attendees of IETF 91 meeting to exchange information.

Your IETF 91 (Honolulu) wiki can be found here:
and is also accessible from

If you are registered for IETF 91, a user account has been automatically created for you on this Wiki. Your user name is the email address you registered under, and your initial password is your 10 digit confirmation number. You can change your password in your profile settings.

4. Restaurants

Note: There is no traditional room service at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. You may order delivery to your room from Fresh Connection located in the Ali'i Tower, or use the grab-n-go options Pronto Pickle in the Ali'i Tower, and Pronto Pickle II located at the Paradise Pool.

For a map of restaurants in the area of the hotel, please see this map.