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Prague, Czech Republic

Date: July 23, 2015
Time: 19:15 - 21:15
Location: Congress Hall II and Congress Hall Foyer

Join us for Bits-n-Bites at IETF 93!


Demonstration Description

A10 Networks Logo Demo # 1:
A10 will be demonstrating MAP-E border router capability that will enable service providers to offer IPv4aaS.

Demo #2:
A10 will demonstrating its virtual services gateway solution that will enable service providers to reduce cost and complexity when deploying fixed broadband and public WiFi services.

Brocade LogoCESNET Logo The live demo will show a real-time analysis of HTTP traffic using the Software Defined Monitoring concept and PCIe hardware acceleration card with 100G Ethernet CFP2 interface and wire-speed packet capture functionality. The influence of SDM concept on CPU load and packet rate is shown on graphs together with the results of HTTP analysis. Comcast LogoCZ.NIC Logo Have you heard of Project Turris, under which we distribute thousands of special routers to home users here in the Czech Republic, the host country of IETF 93 meeting? Do you want to look under its hood and learn more about our plans for this amazing project? Visit us at our Bits-N-Bites stand (labeled as "Turris Lite"), or follow one of our hostesses in the pale blue dresses...

If you are also interested in the other CZ.NIC projects, you can also meet the guys who develop BIRD or Knot DNS at the same stand.

Huawei Logo

LIME-based OAM demo is used to demonstrate how Generic YANG OAM Model can be used to perform end to end troubleshooting and provide consistent configuration, representation and reporting at different layers or different segments of the network.

Huawei Logo SDCN(Software-Defined Clock Network Solution) automatically computes, plans and provisions the clock paths based on the overall physical network topology, thus can eliminate the risks associated with manual planning. The solution also provides performance monitoring, fast assessment, intelligent optimization and rapid trouble-shooting when deployed.

IETF Hackathon Sponsored By:
Cisco DevNet Logo

The Hackathon table at Bits-N-Bites in Prague will showcase the various projects that the IETF 93 Hackathon focused on. Come on by to learn about the work the Hackathon is doing within the IETF and with many technologies including BIER, DANE / DNS Privacy / DNSSEC, DHCPv6, HTTP/2.0, NETCONF/YANG, I2RS, OpenDaylight, NETVC and Daala and many more! For more information regarding the IETF Hackathon in Prague, please visit

Nephelion Logo The Nephelion Project will be demonstrating a next-generation network analysis tool and a prototype for the e-MIM, an Ethernet tap device that will be crowdfunded after the IETF meeting. An interface between e-MIM and Wireshark will also be showcased. NetDef Logo

OPNFV Logo Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is enabling service providers to transform their networks with increased flexibility and agility while lowering costs. OPNFV is a carrier-grade, integrated, open source platform to accelerate the introduction of new NFV products and services. Come meet with the OPNFV Director and Technical Steering Committee Chairman to discuss how open source software development is making NFV a reality today.


Data Centre TCP (DCTCP) was designed to provide predictably low queuing latency, near-zero loss, and throughput scalability in Data Centres, but used on the Internet it will starve Classic TCPs. We will demonstrate an adaptive interactive application with our DualQ Coupled AQM to support Data Centre TCP (DCTCP) coexistence with Classic TCPs (Reno/Cubic) from the Data Centre to the Home. Throughput equality is achieved without configuration or inspecting flow identity, while preserving Low Latency for the DCTCP flows.