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Guest Day

To: University Professors, Students and Local Internet Society Chapter Members

Join the Internet's Leading Engineers in Prague! Experience first hand the Internet standards process and meet the world's leading Internet engineers, developers and researchers. We expect 1,200 attendees from more than 60 countries.

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) will convene July 19 - 24 for IETF 93 at the Prague Hilton and you are invited!

The IETF is the premiere international open-standards community and is responsible for many of the Internet's most important standards, including TCP/IP, e-mail, instant messaging, VoIP, 3G and IPv6. Its work is concerned with the evolution of the Internet's architecture and its smooth operation.

To learn more see:

The IETF is unique from other standards groups in that it is a volunteer organization, lead by individuals, not governments or corporations. The IETF's processes are open to all and decisions are made on the basis of "rough consensus and running code." If you are doing research in networking or communications, this is one event you don't want to miss.

The IETF meets three times a year face-to-face to progress its work of Internet Standards development for the betterment of the Internet and people worldwide.

Tuesday, July 21 is IETF 93 Guest Day when students, instructors and members of Internet Society Chapters can receive a complimentary one-day Guest Pass to the IETF 93 Meeting. Guests shall check in at the Registration Table for their name tags and meeting schedules.

Guests have an opportunity to attend some of the 30 plus Working Group sessions being held that day. The Agenda is available here -

Note: You may also attend Newcomer Training that is scheduled for Sunday 19 July at the Prague Hilton beginning at 1:00 PM. See:

Interested local ISOC Chapter members, Students and Instructors must:

1. Register online at <> but do not pay.

2. Send an email to iad at, subject: Guest Pass, indicating an ISOC Chapter member, student or instructor, provide Registration ID and request a one-day Guest Pass.

3. Pick up a Guest Pass on Sunday or Tuesday.

The IETF welcomes your interest in its work and looks forward to the day when you will participate in this volunteer endeavor.