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Join us for Bits-n-Bites at IETF 94!


Demonstration Description

Fujitsu Logo

Fujitsu will demonstrate wireless communication modules for energy-efficient mesh networks. The modules enable to provide scalable, flexible, and zeroconf IoT services. The demo will show how they provide a reliable network with dynamic topology by Depth-First Forwarding protocol.

Huawei LogoIn SUPA framework, the operators use predefined policy models to define policy. And then this policy will be executed or translated into configurations changes. So this demo try to show how this policy translator or policy engine works. IIJ LogoWe will perform the technical display including the Internet backbone of IIJ.JPRS Logo

JPRS, as the registry of .jp, has taken the initiative in implementing/deploying DNS-related Internet Standards developed by IETF, including IPv6, Internationalized Domain Names (IDN), IP Anycast, and DNSSEC.

JPRS will exhibit the implementation / deployment history of the Internet Standards in .jp.

NEC Logo

We will demonstrate a home gateway with IPv6 support.  The gateway implements DS-Lite[RFC6333], MAP E[RFC7597], and 464XLAT [RFC6877] and enables global operators to expand their IPv6 Internet service. 

As one of the NEC group companies, NEC Platforms, Ltd. is developing and manufacturing Wi-Fi routers, as well as  home gateways for network operators all over the world. 

NHK LogoHybridcast is the world’s first adoptation of HTML5 in integrating broadcast and broadband TV, which is already widely deployed by the public and commercial broadcasting services in Japan.

Some manufacturers started selling TV sets supporting Hybridcast, and NHK launched Hybridcast services in 2013. More than two million TV sets were now sold in Japan, and NHK and four commercial broadcasters provide Hybridcast services. 

We show the demonstration with actual on-air program and synchronization between broadcasting contents and network contents.

NIXI LogoAs .IN registry NIXI, has taken the initiative to implement DNS-related Internet Standards developed by IETF, including DNSSEC. In order to increase the reach of internet to rural parts of India, NIXI has implemented .BHARAT (.भारत) Internationalized domain names (IDNs) in fifteen constitutionally recognized Indian languages namely Hindi, Dogri, Konkani, Maithili, Marathi, Nepali, Bodo, Sindhi, Gujarati, Bengali, Manipuri, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and Urdu.

NIXI will make a presentation on various aspects of implementation along with IICB program in INDIA (Indian IETF Capacity Building Program).WIDESoftware Defined Media (SDM) consortium demonstrates interactive, object-oriented 3-dimentional audio as a service. The user can handle audio objects that have the location in 3D space and hear the sound interactively from the direction of the location, thanks to real-time rendering. A SDM application can exchange 3D audio objects among the other SDM applications in IP networks. We plan a Hackathon using the SDM platform in December.