InterContinental Berlin Emergency Procedures

Emergency and Evacuation Procedures for InterContinental Berlin

Key Info

Medical Emergency

German Emergency Number: 112 (USA is 911)
Hotel Phone: 3131
Outside Line: +49 30 2602 3131

The hotel has trained first aider on staff on a 24 hour basis. It is also possilble to call an emergency service on 24 hour basis in order to have a doctor come to the hotel.

The Franzsikus Hospital is across the street from the hotel. This hospital does not have an emergency room, however in case of emergency there is medical staff available.

It takes about 5 minutes for an ambulance to arrive from a hospital which has an ER.

Guests can dial the +49 30 2602 3131 from an outside line or just 3131 from an in house line to reach the front office duty manager who will take care of all emergencies.
It is also possible to reach the guest service center by pushing the instant service button on the guest room telephones. The guest service agents will also handle emergencies.

In Germany the direct number for emergencies is 112.

Emergency Evacuation Policy