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Remote Participation

IETF 96 took place from July 17-22, 2016, in Berlin, Germany

The IETF continues to look for ways to improve the remote participant experience.


If you know you will be unable to travel to the meeting and would like to participate remotely, we encourage you to register as a remote participant. Registration is optional and there is currently no fee to be a remote participant at an IETF meeting.

The IETF attempts to provide a worthwhile experience for remote attendees. As such, there are a number of different ways to experience an IETF meeting even if you cannot be in the room itself.

Audio StreamingJabber/XMPP GroupchatMailing ListsMeetecho
Archives/Logs/Recordings availableYesYesYesYes
Enables interaction between local and remote participantsNoYesYesYes

Audio Streaming

The IETF provides audio streaming for each breakout and plenary session. Each meeting room is assigned a channel; clicking on a link to one of those audio streams will take you to the live audio in that room. Use the IETF 95 Meeting agenda to find out which room’s stream you would like to connect to. (Please note that the audio stream is often shut down between sessions, so if you join early, you may hear silence.)
The channel information and audio stream links for IETF 95 can be found at

After the meeting, recordings of those audio streams may be downloaded from

Jabber/XMPP Groupchat

Each Working Group/BOF session has an associated chatroom that is open during the meeting. The session scribe will type a running commentary as to what is going on in the room. During question time, remote participants can type questions into the chatroom and the scribe will pass the question along to the speaker.

Generally speaking, the chatroom name is the working group, e.g. Plenary sessions use the chatroom

For general chat and nonspecific conversations, connect to; this is the default social chatroom for the IETF.

Mailing Lists

Each IETF meeting has an attendee discussion list where attendees can connect with each other regarding issues related to the meeting. Attendees are given the opportunity to subscribe to this mailing list when they register for the meeting. In addition, there are a number of social email lists for more specific topics.

For information about subscribing to the current meeting email lists, please see IETF Meeting Mailing Lists.


Meetecho offers a synchronized view of the official Jabber room, the current slides being presented, a shared note taking editor, and an audio/video stream from the room. All sessions (including tutorials) will be supported by Meetecho at IETF 96.

Meetecho can also support remote presentations, although that must be arranged in advance by filling out this form.

For Meetecho information, please see the Meetecho @ IETF96 page.