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Hilton Lunch Options

Prague, Czech Republic, July 16-21, 2017 July 16-21, 2017

Atrium Restaurant, Lobby Level
Buffet Lunch  
Cost is 490CZK, which includes 1 soft drink

 MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdaypastapenne tossed in tomato,  olives and capers saucefusilli with tomato and Parma ham saucepasta salad with broccoli, walnuts and blue cheesefarfalle with tomato and zucchinisaladtomato mozzarella with basil pestogreek salad with olives and feta cheesemarinated spinach salad with pecorino cheeseboiled and fresh vegetable salad with peanut dressingsandwichspinach wrap with grilled veggietortilla wrap with crispy salad and spicy chickenopen face sandwich with egg salad and shrimp with dill mayotramezzini with tuna saladpizzapizza margheritaonion and rosemary focacciapizza with parma ham and rucolapizza with grilled and marinated eggplantscakechocolate cakefruit tarteapricot tartericotta cake

Cafe Bistro, Mezzanine Level
Sandwiches and baguettes
Cost is 145CZK


Spicy tandoori chicken wraps with crispy Caesar salad

Baguette filled with grilled vegetable, creamy cheese with oregano and basil


Smoked salmon bagel with dill cheese and cucumber

Eggs and potato salad tramezzini


Rye bread roast beef sandwiches with pickles and mustard sauce

Spinach tortilla filled with Caesa’s red radicchio and provolone cheese


Croissants filled with Prague ham and Hermelin cheese

Caprese focaccia with olive tapenade