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IETF 99 Newcomers

Welcome to the IETF in Prague! There are a number of events designed to introduce and integrate IETF newcomers to the community. Dive in and have fun!


Newcomers’ Orientation

This tutorial is an introduction to the IETF's history, purpose, and processes.


Congress Hall One


Newcomers' Meet and Greet

This event is designed to introduce IETF newcomers to working group chairs, the IESG, and each other.


Summer Terrace


Newcomers' Dinner

Organized by Secretariat, please email Naveen Khan at to RSVP no later than 14:00 the day of.




Newcomers' Feedback Session

As the IETF 99 week nears the end, we would like to ask you to share your thoughts on how we can make the newcomer’s experience easier. 


Berlin / Brussels

IETF 99 Meeting Agenda

The agenda is dynamic and changes throughout the week. The most current version can be found online at A marked up version is also on the bulletin board near registration. 

Many people also view the agenda on their smartphone; IETF meeting agendas are available for iPhone and Android.

IETF Mentoring Program

The IETF Mentoring Program matches experienced IETF participants with newcomers (people who have participated in three or fewer face-to-face meetings or anyone registering as a student) in order to aid their integration into the IETF community through advice, help, and collected wisdom. For more information and to sign up to be a participant in the program, please visit:

IETF Badges

Many of the IETF attendees will have colored dots on their badges showing that they are part of one of the groups below. Explanations of the dots and an IETF intro can be found in the Tao of the IETF, A Novice's Guide to the Internet Engineering Task Force at:

EDU Team

The IETF EDU team has a variety of resources and tutorials available online for newcomers. These tutorials focus on IETF processes as well as technical topics. 


Finding Documents Online

Internet-Drafts and RFCs can be found online using the Datatracker. You can search on title, author or other criteria.

Other presentation materials, such as meeting slides that are presented in working sessions, can be found (usually but not always in advance of the session) here: