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Visas and Letters of Invitation

This webpage provides information for various options to obtain authorization to travel to IETF 119. It is updated in advance of each IETF meeting.


Please note that in order to enter Australia, you will be required to have a valid passport and either a visa or an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). Additional information can be found by visiting the Australian Government Foreign Affairs Website. Processing times for ETA is typically less than 24 hours.


If you are unable to use the ETA application you will be required to submit your details using the IMMI website. IMMI providesa tool to check visa processing times. If you require a visa and need additional information such as a local contact, please email for further assistance.

Letters of Invitation

Thanks to IETF 119 Local host APNIC for generously providing our IETF 119 letter of invitation (LOI). If you need a visa to travel to Australia, you can request a LOI from your attendee dashboard. If you have issues regarding your LOI, please contact us directly at