To Request Additional Copies of IETF Proceedings

To place an order, please send a request to the Proceedings Editor at

The cost of the CD-ROM proceedings is US $25.  Please fill out the form below and submit it with your check, drawn on a US bank, payable to the Corporation for National Research Initiatives.  Or, if paying by credit card, provide the card holder's name, account number, and expiration date of the card.

Limited supply original hard copy of IETF 29-55 are available for $200.00 USD each.
Shipping & handling not included.

Mail to:

Corporation for National Research Initiatives
Attn:  Accounting Department - IETF Proceedings
1895 Preston White Drive, Suite 100
Reston, VA 20191

Please print or type the following information:

Month/Year of  IETF Proceedings Requested:

Number of Copies:

CD-ROM (US $25 each) _______

Credit Card Information:

Cardholder's Name: ___________________________

Account Number:_____________________________

Expires: ______________

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Business Telephone Number: _________________________

Email Address: ____________________________

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