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[20:30:34] <Meetecho> Meetecho session starting in a few minutes: mtgvenue lasted much longer than planned
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[20:36:35] <Alexander Pelov> The meeting starts 5 minutes late and we have a full agenda
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[20:37:19] <Alexander Pelov> If you want to ask a question to the room, please start with MIC:
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[20:40:58] <Alexander Pelov> Successfull plugtest event. There will be a presentation from Carsten at the end of the session
[20:41:18] <Alexander Pelov> Ralph Droms will present
[20:42:36] <Alexander Pelov> Administrative reasons make it easier for IETF to ask IEEE for Ethertype. This is the reason for the draft.
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[20:43:38] <Alexander Pelov> Carsten Bormann question at the mic
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[20:44:30] <Alexander Pelov> Move this document forward, as ZigBee NAN need it. Vote.
[20:44:58] <Shahid Raza> +1 for this document
[20:45:07] <Alexander Pelov> More than half of the room votes for
[20:45:21] <Alexander Pelov> Noone votes against
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[20:46:00] <Alexander Pelov> End of presentation
[20:46:08] <Alexander Pelov> Presenting Tero Kivinen
[20:46:28] <mcr-soho> I think that Ralph needs a beer. I'd fetch him one...
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[20:46:53] <Alexander Pelov> Point taken :)
[20:47:58] <Alexander Pelov> Pretty good attendance - 50+ persons in the room
[20:48:52] <Alexander Pelov> No questions. Next presentation.
[20:49:02] <Alexander Pelov> Remote presentation from Kerry Lynn.
[20:50:36] <Alexander Pelov> One slide skipped. Go directly to Status
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[20:52:42] <Alexander Pelov> A final look from Carsten and some work related to the security may remain.
[20:54:44] <Alexander Pelov> Any comments?
[20:55:24] <Alexander Pelov> Carsten will review a last time and then the chairs will write to the sheppards of the document.
[20:55:27] <Alexander Pelov> End of presentation.
[20:55:55] <Kerry Lynn> Tell Ralph he missed the mini-blizzard back home
[20:55:55] <Alexander Pelov> Next presentation: Y-G Hong
[20:56:12] <Alexander Pelov> He'll enjoy the beer even more ;)
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[20:59:51] <Alexander Pelov> Contact with the NFC forum established.
[20:59:55] <Alexander Pelov> Questions?
[21:00:33] <Alexander Pelov> Samita question on security.
[21:00:49] <Alexander Pelov> No security.
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[21:01:46] <Alexander Pelov> Looking for two reviewers for volunteers
[21:02:04] <Alexander Pelov> Pascal and Alexander
[21:03:40] <Alexander Pelov> End of presentation.
[21:04:05] <Alexander Pelov> Samita presenting -dispatach-iana-registry.
[21:06:41] <Alexander Pelov> Questions?
[21:07:04] <Alexander Pelov> Pascal Thubert presenting 6lo-paging-dispatch.
[21:09:04] <Alexander Pelov> Only change - add Robert Cragie to the list of authors.
[21:09:30] <Alexander Pelov> Questions?
[21:10:11] <Alexander Pelov> Probably a last call soon.
[21:10:57] <Alexander Pelov> Pascal: the reviewers read all the drafts.
[21:11:04] <Alexander Pelov> All the comments
[21:11:27] <Alexander Pelov> Presentation from Shahid Raza.
[21:11:30] <Alexander Pelov> We cannot hear you
[21:11:40] <Alexander Pelov> Remote presentation.
[21:11:40] <Alexander Pelov> Still no sound
[21:11:43] <Alexander Pelov> Now is ok
[21:12:21] <mcr-soho> chairs: he would like to display his slides, the ones you have are old.
[21:12:59] <Alexander Pelov> first slide
[21:13:09] <Alexander Pelov> this is good
[21:13:27] <Alexander Pelov> Status of the document
[21:13:43] <Lorenzo Miniero> he can't display his own slides, unfortunately
[21:13:59] <Alexander Pelov> The chairs mentioned that they are showing his slides
[21:14:03] <Alexander Pelov> not sure if it is the case
[21:14:35] <Alexander Pelov> "Salient Features"
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[21:15:54] <Azael Fernandez> To improve the sound, why dont you turn off the video of  Shahid
[21:16:32] <Alexander Pelov> Good question. Not sure if I should interrupt the presentation to ask.
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[21:19:54] <Lorenzo Miniero> it doesn't seem there's breaking audio, just some minor quality due to a lack of headset, which wouldn't be fixed by muting video
[21:20:02] <mcr-soho> yes, I knew that he couldn't project his own slides.
[21:20:04] <Lorenzo Miniero> I think the bandwidth in his case is appropriate
[21:20:29] <mcr-soho> Lorenzo: exactly.  I just wrote to vmeet and wgchairs.
[21:21:01] <Kerry Lynn> RTFM :p
[21:21:51] <Alexander Pelov> 5-7 min remaining
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[21:22:24] <Alexander Pelov> Pascal on the mic
[21:23:44] <Alexander Pelov> Question: how the code will be used? Which code will perform the encryption? 6LoWPAN should do the compression?
[21:25:07] <Alexander Pelov> Hannes on the mike.
[21:25:34] <Alexander Pelov> Show of hands - how many people would like to work on this
[21:25:47] <Alexander Pelov> 3 hands
[21:26:08] <Alexander Pelov> Who things the work should be done?
[21:26:15] <Alexander Pelov> Should NOT be done: 4 hands
[21:26:44] <Alexander Pelov> Hannes: question to Ericsson people - do you have a specific project on which to work?
[21:26:57] <Kerry Lynn> The advantage of IPSec is to support secure multicast?
[21:27:03] <Alexander Pelov> Samita: objection on having security on IP level?
[21:28:00] <Alexander Pelov> Want me to say it on the mike?
[21:28:41] <Kerry Lynn> Only if we're on schedule
[21:28:41] <Alexander Pelov> Ok
[21:28:47] <Kerry Lynn> If it makes sense, someone *will* work on it
[21:29:22] <Alexander Pelov> Ok
[21:29:52] <Alexander Pelov> Carsten on the mike: the use of ESP is a chicken-and-egg problem
[21:30:42] <mcr-soho> was in washroom: I think this IPsec work should be deferred. I don't think we should allocate two code points until we have a reason to; but one code point on experimental, I could support.
[21:32:45] <mcr-soho> what Tero said.
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[21:36:05] <Alexander Pelov> Suresh: continue to the mailing list
[21:36:19] <Alexander Pelov> Samita: OK, we'll continue on the mailing list
[21:36:22] <Alexander Pelov> Next presentation
[21:36:36] <Alexander Pelov> Pascal Thubert: 6lo-backbone-router
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[21:40:49] <Alexander Pelov> Questions?
[21:41:05] <Alexander Pelov> Moving to next presentation
[21:41:18] <Alexander Pelov> Pascal: 6lo-ap-nd-02
[21:46:11] <Alexander Pelov> Hannes at the mike
[21:49:36] <Alexander Pelov> Eric on the mike.
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[21:51:32] <Alexander Pelov> Hannes on the mike. The area which concerns him is when you have dependence between identifiers on different layers.
[21:52:26] <Alexander Pelov> Questions was from Samir Das
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[21:54:20] <mcr-soho> mic: the value of this security is that it protects against misconfiguration by operational people.
[21:54:48] <Kerry Lynn> It's a fine line between misconfig and attack
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[21:55:34] <mcr-soho> mic: it's a typo when you set up the new NMS node...
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[21:57:07] <mcr-soho> no, I'm saying the operator made a typo when the *operator* configured the static IP on some new node in their NOC.  That's the typical case that this kind of thing protects from.
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[21:58:04] <mcr-soho> maybe someone in the room can explain this, but really it's not that important.
[21:58:27] <Alexander Pelov> I'm off the mike. Would you like me to go and add the point? I think I understand
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[21:59:46] <Alexander Pelov> it's the case when you set up several (e.g. two) devices with the same IP address, without realizing it?
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[22:02:58] <Alexander Pelov> How many people have read it? 4 hands
[22:03:10] <Alexander Pelov> How many people think this is a useful document?
[22:03:45] <Alexander Pelov> More people need to review it
[22:04:14] <Alexander Pelov> Carsten Bormann on the mike
[22:04:54] <Alexander Pelov> S. Das on the mike.
[22:08:50] <Alexander Pelov> The discussion will continue on the mailing list
[22:08:52] <Alexander Pelov> Y-G Hong presenting
[22:09:25] <mcr-soho> Alexnader: I wrote an email.
[22:09:44] <mcr-soho> not worth more online time.
[22:10:32] <Alexander Pelov> Just saw that. Thanks.
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[22:15:16] <mcr-soho> Is it fair to say that this purpose of this document is to market/summarize the 6lo use cases to other SDOs and associations?  
[22:15:31] <mcr-soho> (not really for the mic)
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[22:17:15] <Kerry Lynn> I can provide input for MS/TP
[22:18:17] <Alexander Pelov> Pascal Thubert on the mic.
[22:19:02] <Carles Gomez> I agree with Pascal
[22:20:23] <Alexander Pelov> Carsten Bormann presents.
[22:23:25] <Alexander Pelov> No need to change the specs.
[22:25:36] <Kerry Lynn> @mcr can you provide input to Carsten re: lessons learned?
[22:25:48] <Kerry Lynn> i.e. what should we change for next time
[22:25:57] <mcr-soho> I think that he got my write up from last fall.
[22:26:11] <mcr-soho> 6 month notice is the most important thing.
[22:26:22] <Kerry Lynn> kk, i'll check w/ him
[22:26:27] <Kerry Lynn> +1
[22:26:39] <mcr-soho> Getting the list of tests earlier is better...
[22:26:56] <Kerry Lynn> Should be mostly stable now?
[22:26:58] <mcr-soho> but, we have that list, and so that basic notice is great.
[22:28:07] <mcr-soho> Kerry: personally, it works better for my family situation to do this stuff before IETF, rather than after.  I'm exhausted after IETFs.  
[22:28:27] <Alexander Pelov> Me too
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[22:28:41] <Kerry Lynn> yeah, may piggyback on 6TiSCH space
[22:28:47] <mcr-soho> GO DRINK BEER FOR ME.
[22:28:49] <Kerry Lynn> date is weekend before IETF
[22:28:59] <mcr-soho> someone get RALPH a beer.
[22:29:18] <Kerry Lynn> cya
[22:29:20] <Alexander Pelov> ok !
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