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Rich Salz has set the subject to: ACME AT IETF 102
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[09:09:03] <Thomas Peterson> I can do minutes.
[09:09:22] dkg has set the subject to: ACME at IETF 103
[09:09:38] <dkg> i am the jabber scribe for this session -- if you want me to relay to the room, please prefix with MIC:
[09:09:58] <dkg> Thomas Peterson: thank you for volunteering to take minutes -- we're relying on you to do that
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[09:10:14] <Thomas Peterson> I'll do my best - feedback would be appreciated.
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[09:10:27] <dkg> thanks!
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[09:12:18] <Rich Salz> Thank you Thomas!
[09:12:39] <dkg>
[09:12:48] <dkg> on "document status" slide
[09:14:09] <dkg> Richard Barnes at the mic
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[09:14:30] <dkg> second "document status" slide
[09:14:52] <dkg> (sigh -- number your slide pages, people.  or at least give each page a clear and unique title)
[09:15:03] <dkg> can remote folks hear Rich Salz?
[09:15:28] <dkg>
[09:15:34] <dkg> Yaron Sheffer presenting
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[09:16:13] <dkg> on slide "Document status"
[09:16:27] <yone> Mic in the room work fine for me.
[09:16:28] <dkg> on "Changes in -04"
[09:17:54] <dkg> on "Using GET in ACME-STAR"
[09:19:04] <dkg> on "next steps?"
[09:19:59] <dkg> richard barnes at mic
[09:21:03] <dkg> Thomas Fossetti at the mic
[09:21:16] <dkg> on slide "ACME Delegation"
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[09:22:02] <Rich Salz> Action: Chairs to redo WGLC, seek a shepherd, and then move to IESG
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[09:22:31] <dkg> on "Message Sequence"
[09:24:56] <dkg> on "CNAME management"
[09:25:38] <dkg> richard barnes at mic
[09:26:35] <dkg> Thomas Fossati at the mic
[09:27:04] <dkg> Jon Peterson at the mic
[09:27:37] <dkg> richard barnes back at mic
[09:28:50] <dkg> Jon Peterson says "this is like LURK"
[09:29:25] <dkg> on "Open Issue: Restrict to STAR"
[09:30:13] <dkg> Barnes back at Mic
[09:30:43] <dkg> Chris Lemmons at mic
[09:31:01] <dkg> Yoav Nir at mic (no hats)
[09:31:28] <dkg> dkg at mic
[09:32:13] <dkg> Tim Hollebeek at mic
[09:33:52] <Rich Salz> AI: Yaron to call out the "limit to STAR" as an open issue
[09:33:52] <dkg> on "Next Steps: adopt as WG document"
[09:34:02] <dkg> Barnes at the mic
[09:34:52] <dkg> Jon Peterson at mic
[09:37:14] <dkg> Barnes at the mic
[09:38:08] <dkg> Chris Wendt at the mic
[09:38:53] <dkg> Sanjay Mishra at the mic
[09:40:22] <dkg> there was a hum in the room that the WG wants to work on this area
[09:40:36] <dkg> and silence for "WG should not do work in this area"
[09:40:57] <dkg>
[09:40:57] <Rich Salz> AI Chairs to issue call for adoption on Yaron's draft
[09:41:03] <yone> @dkg, thank you, I couldn't hear hum in the room.
[09:41:08] <dkg> Presented by Alexey Melnikov
[09:41:50] <dkg> on "Changes in …-05 since London"
[09:42:18] <dkg> on "Open issues in draft-ietf-acme-email-tls-05"
[09:42:56] <dkg> Paul Hoffman at the mic
[09:44:20] <dkg> Barnes at the mic
[09:47:48] <dkg> that was dkg at the mic
[09:47:53] <dkg> this is Paul Hoffman
[09:48:11] <dkg> Barnes again
[09:48:42] <Rich Salz> AI Aleksey should add some clarifying text about the multiport/multiservice-name issue
[09:49:26] <dkg> Tim Hollebeek at the mic
[09:50:52] <Rich Salz> AI Richard Barnes to send text about challenges
[09:51:48] <dkg> on "Next step" slide
[09:52:03] <Rich Salz> AI New draft coming, then WGLC to start and WG folks exhorted to read
[09:52:10] <dkg> on "Changes in draft-ietf-acme-email-smime-04 since London
[09:53:12] <dkg> on "Open Issues in draft-ietf-acme-email-smime-04"
[09:53:54] <dkg> Yaron Sheffer at the mic
[09:54:12] <Thomas Peterson> MIC: On validation, DMARC should be used as it defines domain's use of either DKIM/SPF, right?
[09:55:13] <Thomas Peterson> (Thanks)
[09:55:32] <dkg> np
[09:56:08] <Rich Salz> AI Tim H and dkg said they will read
[09:56:11] <dkg> Yoav speaking with no hats
[09:57:32] <dkg> moving to
[09:57:46] <dkg> Jon Peterson and Chris Wendt presenting
[09:58:07] <dkg> on "Authority Token Challenge"
[09:59:01] <dkg> on "Example Challenge"
[09:59:38] <dkg> on "the "ATC" tkauth-type"
[09:59:44] <dkg> on "Updates & To Do"
[09:59:54] <dkg> Jon is flying through this deck!
[10:00:20] <Thomas Peterson> Anyone would think it's the end of the show and they wanted beer already
[10:00:31] <dkg> ha ha
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[10:01:50] <dkg> now is your chance!
[10:02:10] <dkg> a half dozen people in the room have read the draft
[10:02:40] <Rich Salz> Minutes: authors expect another rev and then WGLC
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[10:04:16] <dkg> i think that's it
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