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[07:58:34] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Lucas, I see the room but I don't see the slides on meetecho.  Can you see the slides?
[07:58:53] <meetecho> Juliusz Chroboczek: working on the slides
[07:59:20] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Ah, ok.  No rush, I'll get the PDF.
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[07:59:34] <Lucas Pardue> I see slides now, thanks meetecho!
[07:59:38] <meetecho> (y)
[07:59:55] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Cool.
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[08:07:55] <Lucas Pardue> @meetecho. is it possible to direct video to the speaker?
[08:07:56] <Juliusz Chroboczek> meetecho, could we please pan to the speaker?  (Nothing personal against Tony, of course, but I've already seen him ;-)
[08:08:07] <Juliusz Chroboczek> ty
[08:08:07] <Lucas Pardue> wow, jinx!
[08:09:05] <meetecho> Sorry, missed the new speaker! Thanks for noticing us :)
[08:12:30] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Ouch.  That's a big packet diagram.
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[08:13:16] <przygienda> uff, finally on jabber
[08:13:33] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Hi Tony.
[08:13:46] <przygienda> who doesn’t like to see me? step up … ;-)
[08:14:06] <Juliusz Chroboczek> I think I need to go ;-)
[08:33:57] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Do people do something similar in other encapsulations?  Do people actually run BFD sessions over MPLS?  (Not for mic.)
[08:35:34] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Ah, RFC 5884.
[08:38:35] <przygienda> yes, they do …
[08:39:48] <Juliusz Chroboczek> tony, could you please remind people to introduce themselves at the mike?
[08:40:30] <Juliusz Chroboczek> ty
[08:45:06] <przygienda> “slow path” is for all the audience the traditional name for processing data plane packets in the control plane processor
[08:46:09] <Juliusz Chroboczek> mic:
[08:46:17] <przygienda> yeah
[08:46:58] <Juliusz Chroboczek> mic: why is this restricted to link-local?  What happens if you extend it across multiple IPv6 hops?  (I can see arguments both ways, perhaps you don't want an encapsulation-specific tunnelling mechanism.)
[08:48:22] <Juliusz Chroboczek> k
[08:53:55] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Need to go.  Tony, please tell Sandy I said hi.
[08:54:05] <przygienda> sure, thanks. see you Fri …
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