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[13:03:00] <kd> We can hear you.
[13:03:36] <kd> :-)
[13:04:24] <kd> Al, the signal to noise is bad on this channel, so please talk into the MIC.
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[13:15:08] <jperser> Al, Jerry Perser will read it.
[13:21:37] <acmacm> How's the audio now?
[13:22:10] --- j.schoenwaelder@jabber.eecs.iu-bremen.de has left: Replaced by new connection
[13:22:13] <kd> OK, as long as folks talk into the can.
[13:22:21] <jperser> There is alot of background noise. Almost sounds like a ground loop or 60Hz problem
[13:23:33] <acmacm> slide 4
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[13:38:18] <acmacm> Hands supported this as a work item...
[13:47:01] <jperser> If you put a link to it on the BMWG webpage, I will try.
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[14:08:42] <kd> Can't hear you, Al.
[14:08:43] <jperser> Al, I am looking for a general protection termology/methodlogy draft to implement. I have a new interface techonolgy that is emerging and protects IP traffic, but uses non-standard protocols.
[14:09:10] <jperser> How do I apply MPLS, ot FFR to this new type of networks?
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[14:18:51] <jperser> The helecopter blades are as loud as your voice, Al
[14:19:14] <kd> We can hear Mr. poretsky fine! :-)
[14:19:38] <jperser> Scott has a bigger mouth.
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[14:25:01] <jperser> Lossless is not enough. Reordering is a problem when using TCP.
[14:25:20] <jperser> Duplicate is filtered by most protocols
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[14:33:15] <acmacm> slide 6
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[14:48:10] <jperser> This sounds like an "end-to-end" metric instead of a bench metric. Does this fit the IPPM better?
[14:49:31] <jperser> Being employed by a test equipment manufacture, I amnot sure how to build testbed to measure an end-to-end metric.
[14:50:11] <jperser> The system has to be in a lab versus deployed.
[14:52:40] <jperser> Scott, I will be reviewing and commenting on this draft. My focus will be how to implement it in test-equipment to measure it in a lab.
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[15:02:49] <jperser> Jerry looks better :)
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