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[13:59:18] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Good Morning All ! I am your scribe today.
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[14:04:01] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Chair Al is going over Note Well
[14:07:33] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> 6 folks raised their hands when asked "New to BMWG ?"
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[14:09:12] <Bill Cerveny> yeaaa!
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[14:13:56] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Bill, Kevin - welcome to the BMWG session. I am your scribe for this meeting.
[14:14:55] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Can someone confirm that you are able to see my messages pls.
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[14:15:23] <Bill Cerveny> Hi Jay, I'm not new, I was saying yeaaa! to ipv6-nd being in RFC Editor queue :-)
[14:15:39] <Bill Cerveny> btw, yes I can see your messages
[14:16:16] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Thx Bill !
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[14:17:06] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Yes Marius
[14:17:11] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> we can hear you
[14:17:32] <Lorenzo Miniero> Can you hear Marius in the room?
[14:17:36] <Bill Cerveny> chair audio seemed to have dropped out
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[14:20:36] <Sarah Banks> Bill can you hear us now?
[14:21:05] <Bill Cerveny> yes ... i'm listening via audio stream ... I hear Marius now
[14:21:50] <Bill Cerveny> It seemed that chair audio had dropped before Marius
[14:22:16] <Bill Cerveny> presenstation, almost like I was hearing you via presenter mic
[14:22:48] <Bill Cerveny> but that might have just been meetecho dropping the audio for remote presenter
[14:23:24] <Meetecho> no Marius never dropped
[14:23:57] <Bill Cerveny> sorry, I meant that chair audio appeared to drop a little before Marius
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[14:25:12] <Sarah Banks> I think when I pressed the red button, Bill, I might have momentarily paused audio. My apologies. :)
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[14:25:24] <Bill Cerveny> np
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[14:36:23] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Question from Jay : IS the IGP Database size something in-scope of this work item ?
[14:37:02] <Sarah Banks> A: I'll run this through with the co authors; it reflects a decent sized change to the draft if we take this in, although we sort of touch upon this anyhow. :)
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[14:40:21] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> 6 Hands went up for how many read the draft
[14:41:37] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Question from Ramki on "how do we benchmark ACLs" ?
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[14:51:39] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> 1 Person raised his hand when asked if the latest nvp draft was read.
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[14:52:43] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Al mentioned the scope of this draft should be well defined with other considerations.
[14:54:37] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Jacob is adding more clarification on the scope
[14:56:20] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Speaker (not sure of the name) is requesting clarification / delineation between where the function ends and platform begins.
[14:59:22] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Sarah as a participant, reiterated the need to have clear demarcation of scope.
[15:00:27] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Ramki concurred and added additional details on why micro-services and platform should be well defined
[15:02:28] <Sarah Banks> (Speaker was Diego Lopez) who was asking for clarification/delineation between <snip>
[15:04:15] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Ramki - Is the focus on x86 alone or applicable to ARM based system as well ? Can you generalize the silicon ?
[15:04:35] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Thx Sarah for adding the name of the speaker.
[15:05:27] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Microburts/LRO should be benchmarked as well - as per Ramki.
[15:07:00] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Offload, Non-offload and micro burst scenarios to be included. Also SSL should be considered as per Ramki.
[15:07:28] <Meetecho> Please tell people to speak in the mic, when at the mic line: the previous speaker was barely audible for remotes
[15:07:56] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Ack - will remind folks. Thx
[15:11:26] <Meetecho> tnx!
[15:13:16] <Meetecho> much better now (y)
[15:13:35] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Low latency applications should be taken into consideration besides TSO as per Ramki
[15:15:11] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Sarah suggested addition additional text in the draft
[15:16:13] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> adding* not addition in comment above.
[15:18:00] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Ramki - Are we including an exhaustive test cases that are in scope ? There are several details that are specific to silicon being used.
[15:22:04] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Jacob - Benchmarking at the application level is necessary
[15:25:08] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Ramki - Is storage aspects considered ?
[15:25:21] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Response from presenter - Have to think about it
[15:28:22] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> When Al asked who wants to read this ID - Ramki raised his hand.
[15:35:23] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> sarah - Why not connect 2 physical testers to DUT ?
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[15:41:11] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Jacob - Sees the need to include 2 virtual testers. There is got to be a way to use the right tester.
[15:41:44] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Al - Testers should not be resource constrained
[15:44:50] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Rong - Added clarification on why Model-B is needed. The test scenario is confined to the virtual environment
[15:47:49] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Ramki - suggested adding specific tools to ping the CPU.
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[15:59:03] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Al expended on the acronyms in Sudhin's slide
[16:02:40] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Al - Al initiated a liason request to ITU-T. ITU was undergoing restructuring and it could have caused some delay and BMWG has not got a response back from ITU. Before we decide on considering this as a WG item we need the response back
[16:03:34] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Yuji - Study group 15 is scheduled - IETF will have a response back from ITU-T
[16:04:51] <Sarah Banks> Thanks for capturing Yuji's name Jay!
[16:04:53] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Yuri - include the terminology of the topology including MIP/MEP
[16:05:33] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Yuji* not Yuri in comment above
[16:05:40] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> thx Sarah
[16:08:41] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Yuji - MEF considerations if any should be included
[16:09:51] <Sarah Banks> Q from Jay: Why is the focus on ITU and not so much on the other parties?
[16:10:32] <Sarah Banks> Yuji: ITU doesn't define performance measurements
[16:10:38] <Sarah Banks> (i think that's what he said)
[16:11:08] <Sarah Banks> Jay: You might want to add additional test cases for Intermediate and end points
[16:12:03] <Sarah Banks> Sudhin: this is beyond the scope of this draft.. he'll circle back with Jay
[16:12:43] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Thx Sarah - you have backed me well. Much appreciated
[16:13:33] <Sarah Banks> np!
[16:16:42] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Jacob - Is the SP and DC usecase both covered ?
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[16:16:57] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Sudhin - EVPN as a protocol is the focus
[16:19:01] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Sarah - Needed clarification on whether DC is in scope or not ?
[16:19:19] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Sudhin - DC Topology could be added as necessary
[16:19:56] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Avinash - EVPN CP is controlled - other encaps needs to be included. Is Route scale part of scope ?
[16:20:17] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Sudhin - Route Scale in scope - to be covered in subsequent slides
[16:25:02] <Sarah Banks> Question from Jay: 7747 already exists - are you using that? you don't have to reinvent the wheel for the parameters that overlap
[16:25:16] <Sarah Banks> Sudhin: Ramki also mentioned this; we refer to that and based on that we've written this section.
[16:25:23] <Sarah Banks> err RFC7747. sorry
[16:26:10] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> 5 PPL have read this draft
[16:27:19] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Avinash - Type-5 has several use cases - Is Type-5 in scope or just as Type-2 ?
[16:27:42] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Sudhin - Type-5 is covered elsewhere - so most likely out of scope
[16:28:21] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Al suggested adding the exact use case to be added
[16:28:47] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Avinash suggested adding Type-5 that includes prefix advertisement
[16:29:17] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> When the Chair polled the group if they like to see this work adopted - many supported and fewer (or no one) opposed.
[16:30:14] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Al and Sarah - thanked the help and leadership of Joel
[16:31:52] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Joel - shared his thoughts as he bid farewell as the AD
[16:32:18] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> It was a pleasure being your scribe. Thanks all. Signing off
[16:32:28] <Sarah Banks> Great job Jay. Thank you very much.
[16:32:55] <Jay Karthik (Cisco)> Thx Sarah !
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