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joel jaeggli has set the subject to: IETF 97 BMWG
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[07:52:46] <Sarah Banks> /help
[07:55:46] <meetecho> Is it Sean's turn?
[07:55:52] <Sarah Banks> not quite yet
[07:56:00] <Sarah Banks> we are kicking off and starting with the opening remarks and agenda/bash
[07:56:04] <Sarah Banks> can you hear us?
[07:56:12] <meetecho> Ah yes we can :D
[08:02:00] <Sean Wu> I'm new too
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[08:04:40] <Sarah Banks> Hi Sean, welcome
[08:04:40] <meetecho> Please mention us here and not in mic when help is needed :)
[08:04:56] <meetecho> We monitor several streams at the same time, and it's hard to understand where we're being called from
[08:05:00] <Sarah Banks> ok meetecho we have a mic out and the monitor for the presenters to use at the mic/meetecho pink box won't turn on
[08:05:32] <meetecho> Ok, I'll notify the local A/V team
[08:05:39] <Sarah Banks> thank you sir!
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[08:19:26] <Sarah Banks> Hi
[08:19:29] <Sarah Banks> thank you meetecho :)
[08:19:45] <meetecho> Was the issue fixed?
[08:32:43] <Sarah Banks> yes sir it was fixed
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[09:46:59] <Sarah Banks> thanks folks. This concludes BMWG @ IETF 100
[09:47:45] <meetecho> Always glad to help!
[09:47:46] <Sarah Banks> thank you meetecho for the fantastic meeting. Sean was presenting like he was in the room. thanks again!
[09:48:00] <meetecho> :)
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