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[15:58:19] <Robert Wilton_web_658> Good afternoon ;-)
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[16:09:57] <cross> Hi Al and All :-)
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[16:24:37] <Carsten Rossenhoevel_web_452> Does changing the title of the draft impose an issue for the process?
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[16:24:59] <Bala Balarajah_web_417> no change in the title
[16:26:26] <Bala Balarajah_web_417> the title "Benchmarking Methodology for Network Security Device Performance" was used for previous version as well
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[16:26:49] <Carsten Rossenhoevel_web_452> Al, we lost you
[16:27:05] <Al Morton_web_320> I can see your text
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[16:37:23] <Carsten Rossenhoevel_web_452> All kudos go to Bala!
[16:39:53] <Vratko Polák_web_247> Throughput is now clarified in
[16:41:42] <Carsten Rossenhoevel_web_452> "Goodput" is defin in RFC2647 for L3
"Application Goodput" is defined in RFC8238.
Which one do we actually mean?
[16:46:15] <Bala Balarajah_web_417>
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[16:50:53] <Carsten Rossenhoevel_web_452> RFC1242: "  The maximum rate at which none of the offered frames are dropped by the device."
... is quite L2/L3 focused ("frames")
... is quite focused on hardware measurements ("device")
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[16:56:22] <Bala Balarajah_web_417> Rfc  2647 has the definition "3.4 Bit forwarding rate
     The number of bits per second of allowed traffic a DUT/SUT can be
     observed to transmit to the correct destination interface(s) in
     response to a specified offered load.
[17:01:00] <Carsten Rossenhoevel_web_452> Let's supersede 1242! :-)
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[17:03:34] <Sarah Banks_web_601> hah :)
[17:06:25] <Brian Monkman_web_358>
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[17:24:48] <Maciek Konstantynowicz_web_814>
[17:31:55] <Carsten Rossenhoevel_web_452> @Vratko - Is there a plan (or an observation) of MLRsearch used in other contexts than  Are there any implementations on the horizon?
[17:34:30] <Carsten Rossenhoevel_web_452> Not sure if nfvbench is still alive ...
[17:35:22] <Carsten Rossenhoevel_web_452> Thanks!
[17:40:13] <Robert Wilton_web_658> Always happy to see IETF standardizing more YANG models :-)
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[17:55:03] <Robert Wilton_web_658> Thanks all
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[17:55:06] <Carsten Rossenhoevel_web_452> Thank you!!
[17:55:11] <Bala Balarajah_web_417> thanks
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[17:55:20] <Vratko Polák_web_247> Thanks, bye.
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