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[14:01:56] <c.amsuess> We don't have a volunteer to help out with the minutes in the upcoming CBOR meeting; any volunteers?
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[14:24:26] <Christian Amsüss_web_442>
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[14:27:51] <marco.tiloca> That opens for WG anthems
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[14:28:49] <c.amsuess> Like this? I can do this all day...
[14:29:02] <c.amsuess> (that was referring to the sound of a keyboard as comfort noise)
[14:29:13] <Kio Smallwood_web_846> :smile:
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[14:29:24] <Tsukasa OI_web_478> :)
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[14:32:44] <mcr> so, Francesca is the new Barry, and Barry is the new Francesca :-)
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[14:34:19] <francesca> exactly mcr :D
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[14:38:12] <c.amsuess> .alivecat? ;-)
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[14:40:53] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_781> How do we show hands?
[14:41:06] <Henk Birkholz_web_461> sry, i though hands is queue
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[14:43:25] <francesca> Henk did you want to say something or were you just "raising hand" on the "who has read this"?
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[14:44:46] <Henk Birkholz_web_461> attempting to "briefly showing my hand" by joining the queue. I though that was the plan :innocent: Sry, for the confusion
[14:45:07] <francesca> that was the plan :) no confusion, just double checking
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[14:45:19] <c.amsuess> yes, that was my intention but i mixed up its visual representation
[14:45:24] <John Preuß Mattsson_web_101> What about Schrödinger's cat?
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[14:46:05] <John Preuß Mattsson_web_101> .scat
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[14:46:26] <Henk Birkholz_web_461> google scat ;-)
[14:47:15] <Jessica Fitzgerald-McKay_web_108> not on your work machine. Or not at all. . . .
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[14:48:58] <mcr> jazzscat is totally cool though.
[14:49:37] <Chris Lemmons_web_613> It's definitely going to happen whether we encourage it or not.
[14:49:38] <mcr> It seems like if we can use strings, and then pack them into integers, then that's a win.
[14:51:03] <Chris Lemmons_web_613> One of the use-cases I've run into a few times is where there's diversity in the clients and some want CBOR and some want JSON.
[14:51:38] <mcr> will review.
[14:51:41] <Henk Birkholz_web_461> +1 on review
[14:51:47] <Russ Housley_web_747> will review
[14:51:52] <Brendan Moran_web_180> I will review
[14:52:12] <Alexey Melnikov_web_700> I will review, but might need nagging ;-)
[14:52:19] <Kio Smallwood_web_846> when I have time
[14:52:33] <John Preuß Mattsson_web_101> Hope to have time to review.
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[14:58:12] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_781> I haven't yet thought all the way through replacing the magic number in with cbor-file-magic, but I don't see anything that would prevent it.
[14:58:27] <Carsten Bormann> Yes (except that it is FCFS)
[14:58:33] <Carsten Bormann> (To MCR)
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[15:01:30] <francesca> Jeffrey: I take your comment as "possibly interesting in wpack context", is that correct?
[15:01:49] <mcr> jeffrey, cool?
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[15:03:38] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_781> francesca: Yes.
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[15:05:01] <c.amsuess> thumbs up for "if anyone still uses that" :-)
[15:05:40] <francesca> thanks! that's good to know :)
[15:10:08] <Chris Lemmons_web_613> Am I hearing a "MUST encode whole address" but also "MUST assume zeroes if missing on decode"?
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[15:11:03] <mcr> Chris, no. Carsten is saying, "Invalid if missing on decode"
[15:11:13] <Chris Lemmons_web_613> Ok
[15:11:29] <mcr> (I was saying what you were saying, but Carsten is arguing testing is harder)
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[15:12:21] <Alexey Melnikov_web_700> I can do
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[15:20:18] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_781> Is there a link for this document?
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[15:20:45] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_781> (for the ordered-map document)
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[15:21:12] <francesca>
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[15:21:32] <mcr> maybe the chair could add it to the related documents?
[15:21:40] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_781> Thanks! I've linked it in the notes.
[15:21:45] <francesca> it's not yet a draft
[15:21:52] <francesca> thanks Jeffrey
[15:24:04] <Carsten Bormann> (This is important, push off freezer/28 if needed.)
[15:24:22] <francesca> (ack, thanks Carsten)
[15:24:54] <mcr> so, it remembers the order of the keys, but duplicate keys are still not supported, right?
[15:25:11] <Carsten Bormann> No.  We could add an ordered multimap, too
[15:26:20] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_781> Java has LinkedHashMap for this too.
[15:27:25] <mcr> 1+1 seems fine.
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[15:29:24] <francesca> we are almost out of time
[15:30:03] <c.amsuess> speaking of vcating slots, notable-tags will have to move to an interim, sorry
[15:30:10] <Carsten Bormann> Fine
[15:30:19] <Carsten Bormann> 2x 1+1
[15:30:42] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_781> The content seems like it'll usually be big enough to afford a 1+2 tag.
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[15:31:23] <Carsten Bormann> But then it occurs often enough (it really is a basic type)...
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[15:31:27] <Robin Wilton_web_905> Thanks Francesca!!
[15:31:30] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_781> Yep
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[15:31:36] <Chris Lemmons_web_613> Thanks, Francesca!
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