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[20:26:08] <hannestschofenig> Carsten is walking us through the agenda.
[20:26:19] <hannestschofenig> WG Status
[20:26:42] <hannestschofenig> Block completed WGLC
[20:27:03] <hannestschofenig> Observe requires actions by shepherd (=Carsten)
[20:27:28] <hannestschofenig> Carsten suggests Core Interface draft into a research group document
[20:27:41] <hannestschofenig> Zach is trying to figure out what Carsten is talking about
[20:27:57] <hannestschofenig> Carsten explains that there is the confusion that these are the only RESTful design pattern
[20:28:34] <hannestschofenig> Zach prefers to continue the work on it in CORE and volunteered Michael Koster to do the work and to finish it
[20:28:55] <hannestschofenig> He suggests that additional research be done in the research group
[20:29:33] <hannestschofenig> Akbar: How does the Core Interfaces document relate to design patterns?
[20:29:47] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: The Core Interface document contains design patterns
[20:30:34] <hannestschofenig> Carsten suggests to adopt one document, namely the CoCoA draft (congestion control document).
[20:31:14] <hannestschofenig> The document is stable and we wanted to gain more experience. This experience has been gained and presented to the Congestion Control Research Group this week.
[20:31:26] <hannestschofenig> No problems were identified
[20:31:46] <hannestschofenig> Who has read it? 5 persons
[20:31:53] <hannestschofenig> Who has implemented it? Matthias
[20:32:30] <hannestschofenig> Matthias: We got interest from other research group.
[20:32:54] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: Will do a call for adoption on the mailing list
[20:33:10] <hannestschofenig> Kepeng: I checked the priorities and this belongs to the low priority list
[20:33:22] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: It will also be low priority after adoption as well
[20:35:03] <hannestschofenig> Discussion between Hannes & Carsten about his assessment of the status of the working group
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[20:36:16] <hannestschofenig> (status of the ACE working group)
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[20:39:37] <hannestschofenig> Peter talks about CoMI
[20:45:30] <hannestschofenig> Hannes had a question about the hash function used for shortening the names.
[20:45:43] <hannestschofenig> Barry: Make it very clear that this is not a cryptographic hash function
[20:49:39] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: Any questions on the management part of the agenda?
[20:49:47] <hannestschofenig> No
[20:49:54] <hannestschofenig> Next: CoAP Patch
[20:52:12] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: We were thinking about putting Patch into the base specification but then we said we do not yet have the use case. It is not a surprise that it came up. The HTTP folks needed it and then it came up. Some work, however, has to be done.
[20:52:26] <hannestschofenig> The LWM2M people will need it
[20:52:48] <hannestschofenig> Zach: You can structure your URI path to select a part of your selection. That's very simple.
[20:53:06] <hannestschofenig> Where Patch becomes interesting when you want to want to modify selections
[20:53:16] <hannestschofenig> We might need it for the resource directory
[20:54:05] <hannestschofenig> Matthias: If we want it we have to rush it and that would be bad. For RD it would be useful since you might want to update registration then you need it.
[20:54:11] <hannestschofenig> I would do it now before RD
[20:54:52] <hannestschofenig> Zach: The use case for Patch for RD is pretty narrow. If a third party is allowed to add meta-data from the outside then it could be useful
[20:55:16] <hannestschofenig> We can design it in a way that this does not require patch by just using REST
[20:56:12] <hannestschofenig> Matthias: In relationship to the previous discussion (management) you could have a hierarchy instead of using Patch.
[20:56:27] <hannestschofenig> Andy, do you have more experience?
[20:56:44] <hannestschofenig> Andy: For CoMI the data is dictated by the Yang model.
[20:57:16] <hannestschofenig> Rather than replacing the entire parent directory you can use Patch.
[20:57:27] <hannestschofenig> Kepeng: Why cannot we use the Block?
[20:57:52] <hannestschofenig> It is dependent on the YANG specification based on how the data is structured.
[20:58:31] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: It seems we need to do Patch but the relationship is less dependent on RD.
[20:58:44] <hannestschofenig> Peter: We should put Patch into the CoMI work
[20:58:56] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: We should leave them as two separate docs
[20:59:08] <hannestschofenig> Next CoRE Resource Directory
[21:00:06] <hannestschofenig> Michael Koster becomes new editor and Peter will also be a co-author. This should help to move the work forward.
[21:00:13] <hannestschofenig> Michael will explain the details
[21:03:38] <hannestschofenig> Michael explains changes he would like to make to the document.
[21:05:21] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: We have to take the proposal for removing the simple discovery to the list
[21:05:30] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: When do you think the new doc will be available?
[21:05:57] <hannestschofenig> Michael: We need to give folks a little bit of time to respond. Maybe mid May?
[21:06:08] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: Who is willing to review the document?
[21:06:31] <hannestschofenig> Matthias, Akbar, Barsak
[21:06:45] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: Do we have an OMA contact?
[21:06:48] <hannestschofenig> Michael: Yes.
[21:07:02] <hannestschofenig> (That OMA person would also do a review)
[21:07:36] <hannestschofenig> Next: Alt-Names (Thomas)
[21:09:10] <hannestschofenig> Martin Thomson: I have a problem with the problem statement
[21:20:52] <hannestschofenig> <<Discussion about the alt-name draft and the problem statement.>>
[21:26:53] <hannestschofenig> Next: Carsten - Rechartering
[21:30:31] <hannestschofenig> Question about the SMS-CoAP document from Carsten. Hannes explains that parts had been included in the DTLS profile document.
[21:30:50] <hannestschofenig> Carsten, the open issue is the framing and the URI definition
[21:32:55] <hannestschofenig> Question about the use of maintenance and whether this is too restrictive as a wording for the new charter text
[21:34:27] <hannestschofenig> Barry clarifies that maintenance is meant more generic and adding new features is still considered maintenance.
[21:36:00] <hannestschofenig> Peter asks where SenML is going.
[21:36:12] <hannestschofenig> Will SenML describe all sorts of devices.
[21:36:47] <hannestschofenig> Zach: It is a batch format with a simple representation and nothing more than that.
[21:37:03] <hannestschofenig> It is used by LWM2M spec
[21:37:32] <hannestschofenig> SenML does not define the semantics of the object itself (such as a light control object)
[21:38:59] <hannestschofenig> Zach: Here is an example. Imagine a sensor and that sensor does not want to send a new sensor value every second. Instead, you want to send one message with 60 sensor readings per minute. SenML provides you the ability to send these 60 values in one blob
[21:39:14] <hannestschofenig> Peter: I got confused by the term "sensor".
[21:39:39] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: We should change the name. There was also the discussion to get rid of the XML content
[21:40:29] <hannestschofenig> Barry: Why do you want to Informational RFCs rather than Proposed Standards
[21:41:04] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: Good point. We should let the group decide on the document type
[21:41:28] <hannestschofenig> (the term "informational RFC" referred to the CoAP-HTTP mapping)
[21:44:45] <hannestschofenig> Peter: Are the sleepy nodes topic part of the maintenance work?
[21:45:00] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: It depends on what you mean by 'sleepy nodes'
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[21:46:09] <hannestschofenig> Zach: i would claim that the CoAP PubSub work creates an interaction model that is no longer a problem. This is an extension to mirror server. CoAP PubSub is a cleaner design and it solves the sleepy nodes problem.
[21:46:26] <hannestschofenig> We should stay away from the duty cycle topic as an application layer working group.
[21:46:34] <hannestschofenig> Doing CoAP PubSub would be good
[21:46:55] <hannestschofenig> Michael: There was a paragraph in the mail you sent to the list but you forgot to copy it to the slide.
[21:47:32] <hannestschofenig> Peter: I am disappointed that the sleepy node is not included. We did a lot of work and produced a lot of documents. What has happened to it?
[21:47:42] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: We had a number of proposals that weren't the right thing
[21:48:06] <hannestschofenig> If there is a right proposal that is supported by the group then I would be happy with it
[21:48:23] <hannestschofenig> Peter: Would it be useful that these types of problems are part of the scope?
[21:48:37] <hannestschofenig> Carsten: I am reluctant with the sleepy node problem
[21:48:55] <hannestschofenig> Zach: What we could do is to re-use the LWM2M Queue model and we could document it in the CORE working group
[21:49:05] <hannestschofenig> We shouldn't get too close to the layer 2 stuff
[21:49:42] <hannestschofenig> Ari: I think there is a confusion what the sleepy node problem is
[21:49:55] <hannestschofenig> Perhaps the broker is the right tool.
[21:50:12] <hannestschofenig> I think Peter wants to have a document describing what the problem is
[21:50:30] <hannestschofenig> Having an informational document would be good
[21:51:56] <hannestschofenig> Hannes suggested to look at the LWIG document and to include relevant information there.
[21:53:20] <hannestschofenig> Next: Carsten on the REST model
[22:00:57] <hannestschofenig> <<bigger discussion about REST vs. PubSub>>
[22:02:45] <hannestschofenig> [Difficult to take notes with all the discussions.]
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