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[06:11:24] <fp> good morning/evening
[06:15:45] <christian.amsuess> hello
[06:19:13] <fp> I'm sending out the email with the hangout link for the OSCOAP interop in a minute :)
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[06:42:33] <Ludwig Seitz> Hello
[06:47:17] <jimsch1> Christian - is your server up?
[06:47:43] <christian.amsuess> yes, server is up. i've just received a request from 2601:1c0:6b01:8400:58d3:ae77:e18:d634, but that failed verification so it didn't trigger any response
[06:47:55] <christian.amsuess> same again
[06:47:58] <jimsch1> that would be me
[06:49:07] <jimsch1> Was it validation or lookup that failed?
[06:49:18] <christian.amsuess> can you tell the AAD of that request?
[06:49:19] <christian.amsuess> can you tell the AAD of that request?
[06:49:19] <christian.amsuess> i can't write here?
[06:49:43] <christian.amsuess> (sorry, seems just to lag a little...)
[06:49:44] <jimsch1> I am getting a very slow posting speed.
[06:49:49] <christian.amsuess> me too
[06:49:51] <jimsch1> 83 01 01 0c
[06:50:16] <christian.amsuess> that's the external AAD only, not the full AAD, right?
[06:50:36] <jimsch1> yes - you wnat the complete one.  Just a second.
[06:51:07] <jimsch1> I don't  print that out by default
[06:51:29] <christian.amsuess> i just added that myself when it occurred to me that the external AAD won't get us far in this very situation
[06:52:12] <jimsch1> Yes -- but I debugged out my COSE implementations last year
[06:52:34] <christian.amsuess> in case it works better the other way round:
[06:52:49] <christian.amsuess> the AAD i'm sending into crypto is b'\x83hEncrypt0K\xa2\x06A\x03\x04EKey#0\x83\x01\x01\x0c'
[06:53:19] <christian.amsuess> in hex, that's 8368456e6372797074304ba206410304454b657923308301010c
[06:54:27] <jimsch1> Christian: 83-68-45-6E-63-72-79-70-74-30-4B-A2-06-41-01-04-45-4B-65-79-23-30-44-83-01-01-0C"
[06:55:02] <jimsch1> THey are not the same
[06:55:15] christian.amsuess is comparing the decodings
[06:56:45] <christian.amsuess> i see, hang on...
[06:57:49] <christian.amsuess> ok, my implementation has the external AAD in object form in the AAD, yours has it in serialized
[07:05:28] <christian.amsuess> AAD: 860118450c454b6579233046636c69656e7401
[07:05:33] <jimsch1> 83-68-45-6E-63-72-79-70-74-30-44-A1-06-41-01-54-86-01-18-45-0C-45-4B-65-79-23-30-46-63-6C-69-65-6E-74-41-01"
[07:12:08] <jimsch1> "83-68-45-6E-63-72-79-70-74-30-44-A1-06-41-01-54-86-01-18-45-0C-45-4B-65-79-23-30-46-63-6C-69-65-6E-74-41-01
[07:12:42] <jimsch1> "86-01-18-45-0C-45-4B-65-79-23-30-46-63-6C-69-65-6E-74-41-01"
[07:18:01] <fp> Jim "86-01-18-45-0C-45-4B-65-79-23-30-46-63-6C-69-65-6E-74-41-01" is the external_aad for test 1, right?
[07:18:42] <fp> 83-68-45-6E-63-72-79-70-74-30-44-A1-06-41-01-54-86-01-18-45-0C-45-4B-65-79-23-30-46-63-6C-69-65-6E-74-41-01 is the full aad?
[07:35:26] <jimsch1> fp: The long version is the COSE aad rather than the OSCOAP aad
[07:35:41] <fp> ok thanks
[07:43:39] <Ludwig Seitz>
[08:46:42] Ludwig Seitz leaves the room: offline
[09:22:50] <jimsch1> I am seeing an inner context of C0-FF-48-65-6C-6C-6F-20-57-6F-72-6C-64-21 from the message I just sent to your server
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