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[12:13:27] <Christian Amsüss> francesca, could you send me a quick copy of your current notes (or etherpad link) so i can catch up on what happened so far?
[12:14:09] <francesca> I can tell you here quickly (I'm taking notes the old ways on my analogic notepad :)):
[12:14:39] <Christian Amsüss> i just caugth up with the leading zero (almost got that wrong myself); some lines would be great
[12:15:47] <francesca> Jim and Tobias are testing, Jim server and Tobias client; test 0 passed, after Tobias fixed the URL (he got it wrong which caused no response in the beginning) test 1 failed because of decryption and they are debugging that now
[12:27:18] <Christian Amsüss> for the record: i forgot to start my package sniffer, so tests 0-3 and the first attempt at 4 are not recorded
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[12:32:03] <jimsch1> I have mine running
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