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[10:11:19] <Dave Thaler> what's the etherpad link?
[10:12:54] <francesca>
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[10:50:17] <Dave Thaler> which document talks about "ins"?  it was already removed from the RD draft
[10:56:57] <Jaime Jimenez> yes "ins" and "exp"where removed from link-format extensions.
[10:57:13] <Jaime Jimenez> And the "ins" ABNF notation has been changed too
[10:57:32] <Jaime Jimenez> The ins= parameter was added back for the DNS-SD mapping.
[10:57:47] <Dave Thaler> to what document?
[10:57:51] <Jaime Jimenez> RD
[10:58:02] <Jaime Jimenez> Editors
[10:58:23] <Dave Thaler> Section 12 of RD just says ""
[10:58:32] <Dave Thaler> er section 12 of draft -11 just says
[10:58:35] <Jaime Jimenez>
[10:58:39] <Dave Thaler> o removed "ins" and "exp" link-format extensions.
[10:58:55] <Dave Thaler> So the only drafts we were supposed to review before the meeting have no "ins" that I see.
[10:59:09] <Jaime Jimenez> That is correct.
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