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[16:24:44] m&m has set the subject to: COSE @ IETF 107 (Virtual) — Agenda < https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/interim-2020-cose-01/materials/agenda-interim-2020-cose-01-cose-01.txt >
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[16:58:06] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> Should we tell Ivaylo that his video is on?
[16:58:50] <ivaylo petrov> no, don't :D
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[16:59:09] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> Curses, foiled again! ;)
[17:00:31] <Jonathan Hammell> Bluesheet on Etherpad @ https://etherpad.ietf.org:9009/p/notes-ietf-107-cose?useMonospaceFont=true
[17:02:35] <jimsch1> mcr:  I think you should retitle your company to Sandelman Software Mostly Works
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[17:04:58] <mcr> jimsch1: I think that I should do the name search on that. For $50, I can add it as an Operating As.
[17:06:06] <jimsch1> mcr: Kind of like our winery.  we dba as August Cellars, but our real name is Chehalem Uplands Inc.  It makes it nice if we bottle for other people because the name we put on the bottle for the bottling house noboby has ever heard of
[17:07:24] <mcr> I was going to get register fnaqryzna.pn some years ago, and then have all the non-mark-up text on my web site be ROT13 "encrypted".  But at the time, Pitcain Island (.pn, where Mutiny on the Bounty wound up) was $100USD to register, and since that was before XSLT,etc. I couldn't find a program that would let me hack just the non-mark up in real time.
[17:08:52] <mcr> (I was also trying to get a painter/artist/photoshop-guru to paint "Sandelman" in tree branches around a lake, and then make "Software Works", be the fake reflection in the water.  Too challenging, I was told)
[17:10:41] <mcr> In the interest of consistent gain, if Ivaylo could get increase your mic gain, as when others speak it's too loud if I bump my volume.
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[17:10:58] <mcr> insert gripe about AGC from Carsten.
[17:11:01] <jimsch1> @russ:  Please let me know when it goes to Auth48 so I can re-check the examples.
[17:12:19] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> I think I may have been quieter than usual, too, as I have a bit of a
sore throat.
[17:13:07] <Russ Housley> @jimsch: Ack
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[17:14:47] <Russ Housley> @jimsch: It should be getting close.  It is in RFC-EDITOR state
[17:14:47] <Carsten Bormann> :-) like the image
[17:15:35] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> https://www.rfc-editor.org/current_queue.php shows a lot more stuff in
RFC-EDITOR state than "usual", though -- I guess a bunch of stuff
queued up in the gap between Heather and John?
[17:16:39] <mcr> I haven't read draft-raza-ace-cbor-certificates yet, does it compress arbitrary DER, or just DER as used by certificates?  Can it compress CMS?
[17:17:17] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> It looks like it would need changes to support non-certs
[17:17:52] <mcr> is selfissued == Mike Jones?   is m&m == Matthew Miller? (Or Milo Mindbender?)
[17:17:54] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> (I'm skimming it right now)
[17:18:05] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> m&m is Matt Miller, yes
[17:18:14] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> I assume selfissued is Mike Jones
[17:18:15] <m&m> m&m == Matthew Miller (me) yes
[17:18:22] <Carsten Bormann> Mcr: yes
[17:18:29] <mcr> I think Blue Sheet is actually complete.
[17:18:36] <selfissued> Yes - selfissued
[17:18:45] <m&m> mcr: looks like it
[17:19:12] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> We have 12 in both etherpad and webex, yes
[17:20:02] <mcr> I was able to match all the names. It's the same 12 people :-)
[17:20:19] <m&m> usual suspects
[17:20:37] m&m is now known as Matthew Miller
[17:30:09] <mcr> I would put it into COSE, not ACE.
[17:30:24] <mcr> and not CBOR.
[17:31:17] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> w.r.t. "add a column to the OID registry", we have separate CWT and
JWT claims registries since there is expected to be some level of skew
between what's needed where
[17:38:02] <Jonathan Hammell> Like a certificate extension containing a signature over a different encoding?
[17:39:42] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> But would that be a static-contextually-compressed encoding or a whole
new ASN.1 compact encoding?
[17:40:38] <jimsch1> The resulting certificate would be a compressed certificate and not an X.509 - so the signature on the outside of the ceritificate is replaced.  It would not be isomorphic
[17:40:56] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> I agree
[17:41:50] <jimsch1> One could potentially argue that you should use CWT in that situation
[17:44:11] <Jonathan Hammell> Ben's audio cut out for me.
[17:44:49] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> Matt's summary is good
[17:44:57] <Jonathan Hammell> TY
[17:45:22] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> I just said that even though we shouldn't have to recharter for new
algorithms but should still feel empowered to push back on algorithms
that we don't need to bless with IETF endorsement
[17:47:00] <Jonathan Hammell> Definition of KMAC OIDs were adopted by LAMPS.
[17:49:11] <Carsten Bormann> How do I raise my hand in the browser Webex?
[17:49:28] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> "you could turn your video on and raise your hand"
[17:49:35] <Matthew Miller> Carsten Bormann: admittedly, not sure, but I can record you willingness to help (-:
[17:49:46] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> Thanks everyone!
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