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[13:11:13] <Toby Moncaster> can you reming people to give their names when they come to the mic
[13:12:16] <Lars> ack
[13:12:24] <Lars> that last person was erik nordmark
[13:12:54] <Toby Moncaster> thanks
[13:20:08] <Lars> everyone remote should send bob email and complain that the slides aren't there :-)
[13:22:59] <Lars> so if it's any consolation, the font is so small i can't even read it from the first row
[13:23:26] <Toby Moncaster> I have a copy of the paper in front of me. That *might* help :)
[13:24:05] <Toby Moncaster> although even on paper the font is impressively small
[13:44:31] <Toby Moncaster> are there slides for this one?
[13:56:02] <Lars> not sure. i uploaded all the slides that were sent to me
[13:56:35] <Toby Moncaster> mic please!
[13:57:24] <Lars> ah he sent them late
[13:57:26] <Lars> let me upload
[13:58:15] <Lars> done
[13:58:19] Lars leaves the room
[13:58:25] <Toby Moncaster> thanks
[14:28:43] <Toby Moncaster> comment: which flows do you think this would improve? Short flows don’t ever reach steady state so most TCP parameters are irrelevant...
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