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[00:05:01] <Diego Dujovne> hi
[00:05:23] <Diego Dujovne> can you post the link to the etherpad?
[00:06:00] jouni korhonen joins the room
[00:13:27] <jouni korhonen> a test
[00:14:53] <louberger> Hi Jouni, can you hear okay
[00:15:18] <louberger> we're on the 1st presentation slide 5
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[00:28:51] <jouni korhonen> I can hear but not see anything.
[00:29:17] <Diego Dujovne> video is ok from here.
[00:29:29] emile stephan leaves the room
[00:29:30] <jouni korhonen> it just our firewall here..
[00:29:52] <Diego Dujovne> (here=Santiago, Chile)
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[00:31:15] Diego Dujovne joins the room
[00:31:41] <Diego Dujovne> just got a service cut. error=0.
[00:32:20] <louberger>
[00:32:34] <Diego Dujovne> thnx!
[00:32:53] <louberger> slide 2
[00:34:08] <louberger> slide 3,
[00:36:53] <louberger> now 5
[00:37:00] <louberger> 6
[00:37:07] <louberger> can you see the slides?
[00:37:14] <Diego Dujovne> yes
[00:37:40] <Diego Dujovne> slide 7
[00:37:52] <Diego Dujovne> video is frozen here.
[00:37:58] <louberger> Thanks!  no need to announce if you both can see slids
[00:38:08] <Meetecho> slides shoudl be fine, speaker video is roken, fixing it right now
[00:38:16] <Meetecho> *broken
[00:38:17] <louberger> thank you!
[00:39:41] <Meetecho> video back, can you confirm it's working now?
[00:43:16] <louberger> Diego, Jouni, is video working
[00:44:36] <Diego Dujovne> video is back now.
[00:47:26] <Meetecho> if it happens again, just mention me in a text msg here and I'll be alerted
[00:52:31] <Diego Dujovne> would a case for remote operation of mining machines be in the scope of detnet?
[01:10:18] <Diego Dujovne> ok
[01:13:14] <louberger> sorry, did you want me to ask the question
[01:13:26] <Diego Dujovne> don't worry
[01:13:33] <Diego Dujovne> I got it clear.
[01:13:52] <louberger> Fine question to ask on the list.  The answer is the same as to the 5G comment
[01:14:04] <Diego Dujovne> yeap, right.
[01:14:12] <louberger> i.e., bring text to list / authors and we can discuss
[01:26:56] <Diego Dujovne> (lost sound)
[01:27:02] <jouni korhonen> lost sound
[01:27:52] <Meetecho> fixing that right away
[01:28:04] <Meetecho> please mention us the next time it happens, as we're automatically alerted that way
[01:28:11] <Meetecho> otherwise I have to read all messages :)
[01:28:36] <Diego Dujovne> ok
[01:28:53] <Meetecho> while we fix that (a couple of minutes) you can use the mp3 stream which is up
[01:29:39] <Meetecho>
[01:30:56] <Meetecho> audio should be back now
[01:31:02] <Diego Dujovne> sound is back
[01:31:04] <Diego Dujovne> thanks
[01:32:34] <Meetecho> great! sorry for the drop...
[01:39:43] <louberger> out of curiosity, how important has video been? (i.e., do you care about the video or audio + slide sync sufficient?)
[01:41:32] <jouni korhonen> cannot see it as the firewall I am behind blocks it :(
[01:41:53] <louberger> ahh, sorry...
[01:41:56] <Diego Dujovne> I think audio+slides is baseline, video adds more interaction
[01:42:07] <louberger> good to hear
[01:42:08] <Diego Dujovne> kind of the "human side"
[01:43:07] <Diego Dujovne> is good to analyze the reaction of the speaker, apart from his/her voice.
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[02:04:45] <Meetecho> jouni korhonen: have you checked the webinar mode?
[02:05:02] <Meetecho> it's a flash-based alternative that only displays slides+audio (so no speaker video and no jabber)
[02:05:07] <Meetecho> that may go through the firewall
[02:05:32] Qilei Wang joins the room
[02:05:36] <Meetecho>
[02:10:06] <louberger> Jouni, you're on.  Feel free to use the meetecho to try to "stand at the mic"
[02:10:57] <Meetecho> louberger: I don't think Jouni is on Meetecho, as he was mentioning a firewall before
[02:11:19] <Meetecho> or I mean, he's on Meetecho but he's not receiving slides
[02:12:15] Simon Romano joins the room
[02:12:58] <louberger> okay, thought video was his sole restriction
[02:17:44] <Meetecho> louberger: nope, just checked and his audio channel on meetecho is off too
[02:18:13] Rafael de Amorim Silva joins the room
[02:23:59] <Rafael de Amorim Silva> Hello People!
[02:28:08] <louberger> Hello!
[02:32:09] <jouni korhonen> well.. there is a draft of this but some bonehead failed to submit it in time
[02:32:16] <Diego Dujovne> thank you!
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