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Room Configuration

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[17:39:10] <jgs> still setting up
[17:40:15] <jgs> here we go
[17:43:04] <jgs> Rob Shakir presenting
[17:43:18] <jgs> "Open Issues" slide
[17:45:52] <jgs> "Open Issues (II)"
[17:48:33] <Wes George> missed most of that exchange - was it important?
[17:48:54] <Wes George> something about "be less british"
[17:49:12] <jgs> just humor
[17:49:33] <Wes George> or humour, perhaps :-)
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[18:21:11] <jgs> back at Jabber
[18:22:30] <jgs> slide 2
[18:23:34] <jpc> presentation available ?
[18:29:11] <jgs> chris says he'll post them ASAP
[18:29:16] <jpc> thanks
[18:29:41] <Wes George> well, no it's not fine if you're a remote participant
[18:29:47] <Wes George> but we're used to being ignored
[18:30:09] <jgs> ron affirms it's in opsec
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