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[04:24:00] <joel jaeggli> agenda slide
[04:25:03] <joel jaeggli> now shriram - presenting solved route-vleaks
[04:25:08] <joel jaeggli> first slide general principles of design
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[04:29:14] <joel jaeggli> final slide requesting working group inputs
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[04:31:24] <Chris Morrow> For the remote participants, please send questions through Jabber, not Meetecho, the room parts for Meetecho are ... not super happy right now.
[04:33:00] <Chris Morrow> and now the remote-participation bits  via meetecho should be working :) thnx meetecho.
[04:33:23] <Meetecho> Sorry about that, a small typo in a recent bugfix!
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[04:34:43] <Susan Hares> This is true - from the IETF chair.
[04:39:08] <joel jaeggli> randy bush presenting
[04:44:33] <joel jaeggli> jared mauch
[04:45:24] <joel jaeggli> chris morrow
[04:46:01] <joel jaeggli> jared mauch
[04:46:45] <joel jaeggli> rudigger volk
[04:48:06] <joel jaeggli> next presentation
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[04:48:19] <joel jaeggli> paulo lucente presenting
[04:50:41] <jhaas> For loc-rib draft, list discussion was over whether we should advertise active route vs. best bgp route.  Best bgp route means that you still need an active bgp session to monitor actual bgp and doesn't simplify use case.
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[04:51:51] <joel jaeggli> job snidjers - asked for hum about going to last call
[04:52:04] <joel jaeggli> acee lindem at mic
[04:52:13] <joel jaeggli> next presentation
[04:52:15] <jhaas> joel if you were acting as jabber scribe, that comment was for mic. :-P
[04:52:29] <joel jaeggli> yunan gu presenting bmp for bgp route leak detection
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[04:56:16] <joel jaeggli> jared mauch
[04:58:58] <joel jaeggli> next presentation - grow routing security doc
[04:59:11] <joel jaeggli> job snijders presenting
[05:01:52] <joel jaeggli> acee lindem speaking
[05:02:52] <jhaas> clarification for mic: I had volunteered to work on transport security rather than bgp security as a whole.
[05:03:28] <joel jaeggli> alvaro retana
[05:04:34] <joel jaeggli> job snijders
[05:05:30] <joel jaeggli> keyur patel
[05:06:08] <joel jaeggli> tim brunzels
[05:06:15] <joel jaeggli> jeff ?
[05:07:55] <joel jaeggli> joel jaeggli
[05:08:01] <joel jaeggli> warren kumari
[05:08:14] <joel jaeggli> rudiger volk
[05:10:21] <joel jaeggli> job snijders
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[05:11:48] <joel jaeggli> prrogram has ended
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