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[15:03:39] <ggm> new items
[15:04:08] <ggm> WGLC on 4-octet AS number space, einke to release new draft after meeting, to IESG asap
[15:04:25] <ggm> as confeds for BGP, goes to draft std. missing impl report
[15:04:49] <ggm> posted as interim draft.
[15:05:02] <ggm> graceful restart for BGP. submitted to IESG, received AD comments, revised draft before end of nov
[15:05:19] <ggm> bgb route reflection. IESG comments, revised draft submitted, in IESG hands
[15:05:26] <ggm> published 4223.
[15:05:36] <ggm> no changes on BGP-4 stuff. heaps on ed Q
[15:05:56] <ggm> many different authors, docs waiting for rendesvous
[15:06:03] <ggm> publish as package
[15:07:11] <ggm> no progress on many things. multisession BGP, coop route filter, AS path rout filter, MIBs, AS wide unique BGP id. -need impl reports
[15:07:28] <ggm> pekka: missed status of v2MIB
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[15:07:56] <ggm> hares: need 2 impls
[15:08:10] <ggm> agenda #2 as4octet ext community
[15:08:11] <ggm> no slides
[15:08:59] <ggm> uodate to communities to support them. moving to PS, impl report, realized no impls. took it out
[15:09:20] <ggm> agreement 4byte ext communities publish as separate document, not interfere with ext communities doc
[15:09:58] <ggm> took text as-is from old doc, cut/paste, boilerplate
[15:10:31] <ggm> can keep as indiv. submissions. can make wg document.
[15:10:39] <ggm> could let die
[15:10:49] <ggm> Gih: don't let die plz
[15:11:03] <ggm> prompt for impls. move it forward
[15:11:08] <ggm> hares: adopt as wg draft is 1
[15:11:08] <ggm> gih yes please
[15:11:21] <ggm> yakov calls for views from readers of the doc. clear consensus in room to adopt
[15:12:12] <ggm> not on agenda: request from TonyLi to advance as hopcount draft as wg doc. ML response, not strong. not many replies but were +ve
[15:12:26] <ggm> like to ask room on this. poll of readers
[15:14:41] <ggm> bgp for inter-domain QoS/service routing (context AFI)
[15:14:44] <ggm> Dave Ward
[15:15:56] <ggm> <stalled>
[15:16:10] <ggm> susan hares, group coop route filtering in bgp-4.
[15:18:06] <ggm> want to find easy way to do the filterset. policies being written in a vey long, complex way.
[15:18:10] <ggm> like route map function
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[15:19:04] <ggm> number the polcies, can then order them. apply group before individuals
[15:21:51] <ggm> examples of vpns with group ORFs
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[15:33:38] <ggm> <sorry, I lost the plot. I'm not logging it any more>
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