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[03:58:49] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Good morning, who are you, please?
[04:00:27] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Yakov is promising that it'll be a short meeting.
[04:00:36] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Scudder will take minutes.
[04:01:11] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Agenda bashing...
[04:01:21] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Yakov is running Windows
[04:01:29] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Document status
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[04:02:08] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Numerous documents have been published as RFCs
[04:02:13] <tony1athome@jabber.org> More in editor q
[04:02:33] <tony1athome@jabber.org> New rules for AFI allocations
[04:02:44] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Bill's proposal approved by IESG
[04:02:55] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Covers both AFI & SAFI
[04:03:34] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Francois has a draft on v4nlri and v6nh
[04:03:46] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Now a -01 version
[04:03:52] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Support is weak
[04:04:14] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Software mesh is using this as a normative reference
[04:04:33] <tony1athome@jabber.org> To become IDR WG document
[04:04:38] <tony1athome@jabber.org> BGP MIB v2
[04:04:44] <tony1athome@jabber.org> 6 years in progress ;-)
[04:04:51] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Draft has expired
[04:05:20] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Milestone is in year-for-year slip
[04:05:24] <tony1athome@jabber.org> What should we do?
[04:06:04] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Pekka: current MIB is not sufficient, new MIB is useful
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[04:07:02] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Sue: will you send comments?
[04:07:11] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Pekka: yes, I will send comments
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[04:07:16] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Yakov: who will own this?
[04:07:46] <tony1athome@jabber.org> <dead silence ;-)>
[04:08:03] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Simon Leinen (sp?) volunteers
[04:08:12] <tony1athome@jabber.org> He also wants new MIB
[04:08:52] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Yakov: Ok, will give one more year.
[04:09:06] <tony1athome@jabber.org> End of document status
[04:09:21] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Don Fedyk: traffic engineering attribute
[04:09:40] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Layer 1 VPNs
[04:09:53] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Co authors from Nortel and Juniper
[04:10:03] <tony1athome@jabber.org> VPN autodiscovery
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[04:10:43] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Need endpoint discovery
[04:10:55] <tony1athome@jabber.org> For CE to CE conection
[04:11:46] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Can also add other information
[04:11:56] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Switching capacity
[04:11:59] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Encoding
[04:12:03] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Max LSP bandwidth
[04:12:07] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Priority...
[04:12:13] <tony1athome@jabber.org> <more that I missed>
[04:12:30] <tony1athome@jabber.org> JP Vasseur: we posted similar draft; collaborate?
[04:12:36] <tony1athome@jabber.org> It was L3 VPN
[04:12:45] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Yakov: Not here
[04:13:02] <tony1athome@jabber.org> L1, L3 or CCAMP
[04:13:17] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Adrian: BFD, as there's not much on the agenda
[04:13:35] <tony1athome@jabber.org> CCAMP is better
[04:14:12] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Yakov: Scudder has commented on this and it well be addressed
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[04:15:00] <tony1athome@jabber.org> No closure about where draft will progress
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[04:15:59] <tony1athome@jabber.org> BGP/MPS traffic blackhole avoidance proposal
[04:16:21] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Background/problem/scope...
[04:16:31] <tony1athome@jabber.org> MPLS failures:
[04:16:48] <tony1athome@jabber.org> LDP failure, label mismatch forwarding corruption, misconfiguration
[04:17:18] <tony1athome@jabber.org> MPLS lacks liveness guarantees, so failures are silent
[04:17:37] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Yet routing still attracts traffic
[04:18:09] <tony1athome@jabber.org> <Deployment scenario>
[04:18:50] <tony1athome@jabber.org> VPN setup with dual home CE
[04:19:48] <tony1athome@jabber.org> If there's an LSP failure, there's still an outstanding advertisement.
[04:20:28] <tony1athome@jabber.org> <next scenario>
[04:20:34] <tony1athome@jabber.org> No multihoming
[04:20:49] <tony1athome@jabber.org> LSP fails, routing still works
[04:21:27] <tony1athome@jabber.org> VPN is in parallel with working external path. Since path is not withdrawn, working path is hidden
[04:21:44] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Manual intervention required for recovery.
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[04:22:23] <tony1athome@jabber.org> BGP prefix advertisement needs working LSP
[04:22:35] <tony1athome@jabber.org> No consideration for actual reachability.
[04:22:49] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Attach MPLS reachability to BGP advertisement
[04:23:21] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Consider 'valid MPLS path' during best path evaluation
[04:23:44] <tony1athome@jabber.org> <tli: missing- how do you detect bad LSP?>
[04:24:05] <tony1athome@jabber.org> LSP diagnostics are out of scope for the document.
[04:24:37] <tony1athome@jabber.org> <tli: this now looks like local policy, what's the need for document?>
[04:25:16] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Revisit deployment scenario ; observe fix
[04:26:08] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Ima: Implementation limitation, why fix protocol?
[04:26:16] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Other implementations don't have this problem
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[04:26:59] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Speaker: Problem is not widely disseminated
[04:27:43] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Not implementation specific, what about other LSP failures
[04:28:12] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Ima: other implementations deal with other failures, including label block corruption
[04:28:27] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Speaker: do operators find this to be a problem
[04:28:38] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Ima: Should solution be at protocol level?
[04:28:46] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Yakov: what changes to protocol?
[04:29:08] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Speaker: Change best path selection algorithm
[04:29:20] <tony1athome@jabber.org> No on-the-wire changes
[04:29:35] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Need means to interact with LSP health mechanism
[04:29:44] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Yakov: that's out of scope of BGP WG
[04:29:50] <tony1athome@jabber.org> s/BGP/IDR/
[04:30:05] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Yakov: simply changing best path
[04:30:18] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Chandra: I agree, why change best path, isn't this local?
[04:30:47] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Speaker: Need to improve route resolvability
[04:30:56] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Ima: why isn't that implementation specific?
[04:31:04] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Yakov: could document resolvability
[04:31:23] <tony1athome@jabber.org> best path is fairly open
[04:31:57] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Chandra: Do we ask implementors to be smart about next hop reachability?
[04:32:11] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Yakov: Implementors should not be dogmatic when reading the BGP spec
[04:32:26] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Lady: This happens
[04:32:42] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Problem needs fixing
[04:32:56] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Yakov: How do we proceed?
[04:33:05] <tony1athome@jabber.org> How many read: about a dozen
[04:33:12] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Comments?
[04:33:29] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Chandra: Move forward as Informational?
[04:33:53] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Yakov: avoid implementation directives
[04:34:02] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Give guidelines, but avoid details
[04:34:15] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Scudder: Agree with Chandra
[04:34:31] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Please be sensible about interpreting about what 'reachability' means
[04:35:04] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Entire draft could dribble down to one line: be careful about reachability
[04:35:14] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Otherwise not a WG item
[04:35:30] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Speaker: <something confused>
[04:36:00] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Scudder: This applies to any network layer L2 or L3
[04:36:07] <tony1athome@jabber.org> If you don't understand, don't use it.
[04:36:35] <tony1athome@jabber.org> Yakov that sounds like a draft
[04:36:42] <tony1athome@jabber.org> We leave this to authors
[04:36:48] <tony1athome@jabber.org> End of meeting
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