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[16:34:16] <kivinen> now still an hour to sleep before the IEEE session here in hawaii starts...
[16:34:32] <Paul Hoffman> Ah, so you *are* in the US. :-)
[16:35:14] <kivinen> yes, luckily this was early enough so I could attend. The mandatory sessions  start at 08:00.
[16:36:03] <Paul Hoffman> Where in Hawaii are you?
[16:36:46] <kivinen> big island, hilton waikoloa village
[16:37:14] <Paul Hoffman> That could be very nice.
[16:37:43] <kivinen> IEEE seems to be meeting here about once per year. The travel to here is really bad.
[16:38:05] <Paul Hoffman> Yes, it is. But Oahu is just butt-ugly these days.
[16:38:12] <kivinen> I will have 10 hours in San Francisco on my way back switching planes from 04:37 to 14:55... On may way in I had only 6 hours there...
[16:39:55] <Paul Hoffman> That's bad, yes
[16:40:15] <kivinen> but now back to sleep.
[16:40:27] <Paul Hoffman> zzzzzz
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