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[22:45:34] <yaron.sheffer> OK, not VERY noisy...
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[22:50:44] <jimsch> Yaron, can you hear the mic tests?
[22:50:54] <yaron.sheffer> Hey, the audio died just as we're starting!
[22:51:17] <yaron.sheffer> I could hear very well *before* the tests.
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[22:51:50] <yaron.sheffer> OK, audio's back
[22:52:59] <jimsch> Please be clear if you want something relayed to the room
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[23:02:27] <yaron.sheffer> Actually, I'm to blame.
[23:04:22] <yaron.sheffer> mic: I'd like to discuss AH on the list first.
[23:08:59] <yaron.sheffer> mic: do we have a good example of an interop report that people can look at to understand the scope?
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[23:21:23] <paulwouters> (who is speaking?)
[23:21:30] <yaron.sheffer> Tero
[23:21:39] <paulwouters> oh thanks :)
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