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[01:29:38] <Jeffrey Haas> Good morning. :-)
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[01:59:17] <Eric Gray> It would be good, also, if people would consistently use the microphones...
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[02:03:15] <akatlas> sorry - we will work on better discipline.
[02:05:10] <DHRUV DHODY> Shraddha from Juniper
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[02:36:44] <Jeffrey Haas> Chairs should consider flagging that to the list and make sure the IPR button gets pushed on the draft in datatracker
[02:37:44] <DHRUV DHODY> @jeff - do you want me to take that to the mic
[02:38:45] <Jeffrey Haas> Dhruv, between presentations woudl be fine.
[02:39:21] <DHRUV DHODY> ok, once acee is done with this presentation, i will
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[02:43:29] <Jeffrey Haas> thanks, dhruv
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[03:09:49] <Jeffrey Haas> Why not just IGP?
[03:10:54] <Les Ginsberg> The name should have a "-" in it. :-)
[03:11:21] <Eric Gray> microphone
[03:11:50] <Eric Gray> microphone
[03:12:15] <DHRUV DHODY> IGP-LS was proposed
[03:12:22] <Jeffrey Haas> I'm sure we could backcronym LaSeR with link state routing in there. :-)
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[03:14:10] <akatlas> I do like LaSeR - work on it :-)
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[03:14:16] <DHRUV DHODY> meeting adjourned
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