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[15:54:35] <nico> hi
[15:54:36] hartmans has set the subject to: Prep for interim WG virtual meeting on PAD
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[15:56:24] <> Huh, I got an invite from Sam but I'm already here?
[15:57:04] <hartmans> My bad.
[15:57:25] <hartmans> nico: Do you believe that short-domain-name has been resolved?
[15:57:56] <nico> i don't recall
[15:57:59] <nico> i'll take a look
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[15:58:43] <> Hi (simo here)
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[16:04:10] <hartmans> Can someone remind me of Us call-in details?
[16:04:30] <> hartmans: 1-877-668-4490
[16:04:40] <> code 643 594 689
[16:04:55] <nico> calling in
[16:17:20] <nico> who on the call has NOT read the I-Ds?
[16:17:58] <hartmans> 4/me has not fully read cammac after the split
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[16:20:51] <sftcd> hi Stephen Farrell just joined the call
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[16:31:41] <nico> oddly i can't find the agenda
[16:31:53] <nico> if someone can post the line items here that'd be great
[16:32:42] <> From email to the list from Sam on 2/1.
- Purpose of draft-sorce (discussion).
- Where this will fit (quick review of AuthorizationData).
- One draft or two (PAD draft and Container-specifications draft)
- Support for other structures inside AuthorizationData (eg. SAML, JSON, JWT)
- Type/numbering and registration.
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[17:18:44] <> Put me in the queue, please.
[17:18:52] <hartmans> ghudson: ack
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[17:32:46] <> hartmans: thanks for the call, I think we made progress
[17:32:53] <> bb
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[17:36:57] hartmans also thinks it was useful!
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