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[14:29:38] * tobias has changed the subject to: LTANS meeting in San Diego
[14:29:56] <tobias> hi there
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[18:05:21] <tobias> anyone here? It's gotten pretty late in the night meanwhile in Germany... ;-)
[18:07:54] --- crw-ietf has joined
[18:08:02] <crw-ietf> hi
[18:08:09] <tobias> Hi Carl,
[18:08:23] <crw-ietf> the meeting will start shortly. hopefully someone will either be able to scribe or at least monitor for questions/comments.
[18:08:49] <tobias> seems to be that I am alone here - its pretty late meanwhile in Germany, so probably no one coming here
[18:09:03] <crw-ietf> probably
[18:09:06] <tobias> I have the audio and can also try to scribe a few things
[18:09:11] <crw-ietf> you can listen and respond
[18:09:17] <tobias> are some people in the room by now?
[18:09:20] <crw-ietf> ahh. good point. hadn't considered a remote scribe
[18:09:33] <crw-ietf> not really. the previous session ran a touch over
[18:09:49] <tobias> heard it...
[18:12:25] <crw-ietf> great
[18:12:36] <crw-ietf> did you respond to jim schaad's comments
[18:13:00] <tobias> a second...
[18:13:52] <tobias> No did respond to Jim Schaad's comments
[18:13:58] <tobias> audio is good...
[18:14:08] <crw-ietf> did you get them?
[18:14:33] <tobias> nope
[18:17:47] <tobias> scribe: did walk through agenda
[18:17:54] <tobias> scribe: now in milestones
[18:20:23] <tobias> yes Peter
[18:20:29] <tobias> reasons is on the next slide
[18:21:45] --- ryu.inada has joined
[18:21:57] <tobias> research for free tool that is newer than 88 to 97 dialect
[18:22:20] <tobias> scribe: stay with the current imports
[18:23:26] <tobias> Russ: cross post ERS to S/Mime
[18:24:24] <tobias> scribe now in ERS-SCVP
[18:25:05] <tobias> scribe now at PKI artifact retention
[18:25:25] <tobias> comment: both is probabaly necessary...
[18:27:32] <tobias> scribe: discuss expired certs on CRLs
[18:28:09] <tobias> scribe: are we storing CRLs in different attribute - historic yes, new: no
[18:30:35] <tobias> scribe: now in LTAP slides
[18:31:30] <tobias> scribe: now in ARI draft
[18:39:06] <tobias> any feedback from the room whether to keep ARI and validate?
[18:40:20] <tobias> no feedback from the room
[18:41:14] <tobias> Carl's opinion: validate is important, ARI not so much...
[18:41:22] <crw-ietf> meeting adjourned. we'll call for a strawpoll for arch and validate
[18:41:32] <tobias> thanks a lot.
[18:41:43] <tobias> How many people signed the blue sheets?
[18:41:55] <crw-ietf> i forgot to pass them out until the end. don't know yet
[18:42:09] <crw-ietf> 10-12 people in the room
[18:42:57] <crw-ietf> i'll let you know via email after i submit them
[18:42:59] --- crw-ietf has left
[18:43:20] <tobias> End of meeting.
[18:47:45] --- ryu.inada has left: Replaced by new connection.
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