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[16:08:54] <tgondrom> hello
[16:09:00] <geoffbeier> hi
[16:09:33] <geoffbeier> i assume this room is right for the chicago meeting too?
[16:10:01] <tgondrom> yes for ltans and you can also access the audio stream to listen in...
[16:11:52] <tgondrom> http://videolab.uregon.edu/events/ietf go to stream ietf69-ch7 ~room "Salon 2"
[16:11:53] --- spturner has joined
[16:12:10] <spturner> I'm the jabberscribe
[16:12:25] <tgondrom> Hi, this is Tobias, thanks a lot.
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[16:12:59] <spturner> no worries. Carl projected some slides for SMIME so I'm the jabberscribe - a good trade
[16:13:14] <geoffbeier> audio is working nicely
[16:13:23] --- carl-ietf has joined
[16:13:24] <tgondrom> ah that's good old IETF teamwork... ;-)
[16:13:34] <tgondrom> yep ausio is working fine...
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[16:19:06] <spturner> here we go!
[16:19:16] <spturner> LTANS WG is underway
[16:19:30] <spturner> asgenda bashing
[16:19:33] <tgondrom> yes, its very good.
[16:19:47] <spturner> If you need me to interupt let me know
[16:20:07] <spturner> status: ERS in RFC ed queue
[16:20:16] <spturner> ver -03 of ERS/SCVP under WG LC
[16:20:25] <spturner> -05 is out
[16:20:44] <spturner> DSSC (a new draft) is new
[16:20:54] <spturner> a few drafts were also assinated
[16:21:18] <spturner> after chiacgo: submit ers/scvp to iesg, finish ltap, circulate new artifacts
[16:21:24] <spturner> DSSC draft will go out
[16:21:33] <spturner> there will be a new version of validate out
[16:21:53] <spturner> agenda will change slightly - w3c status is first then we'll go through the rest of
[16:22:28] <spturner> Thomas from W3C is going to present now - link has been posted to this room
[16:22:42] <geoffbeier> where's the link?
[16:22:43] <spturner> audio?
[16:22:57] <geoffbeier> audio is good
[16:22:59] <spturner> didn't make it yet
[16:23:04] <tgondrom> audio good, but where is the link to the slides?
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[16:23:34] <spturner> uri: http://w3c.org/xmlsec/tlr-ietf.chicago.pdf
[16:23:53] <spturner> nope that's not it
[16:24:19] <spturner> one of the problems with XMLDsig is canonical and namespace problems
[16:24:43] <spturner> Canonical XML 1.1 is going to address this .... document is out and they are looking for comment/implementation experience
[16:25:08] <spturner> meeting is taking place (small) the day after the w3c meeting
[16:25:44] <spturner> specification for XMLDsig is also being updated since canonical is so import
[16:25:48] <spturner> updating RFC doc etc
[16:25:52] <geoffbeier> http://www.w3.org/2007/xmlsec/tlr-ietf-chicago.pdf
[16:26:11] <spturner> expectation is that WG LC will get blown off
[16:26:13] <carl-ietf> thanks geoff
[16:26:54] <spturner> there is a link to on the slides - if you need to make comments send them directly to the w3c list or the document editor
[16:27:07] <spturner> there are some issues with Dname encoding rules
[16:27:19] <carl-ietf> docs is now with meeting materials
[16:27:23] <spturner> Xpointer normative references to a document that doesn't exist
[16:27:31] <spturner> Updated URI spec
[16:28:10] <spturner> other charter item is decryption transform for XMLDSig
[16:28:50] <spturner> if there are not two implementations of this it will not be updated
[16:29:14] <spturner> what's next: Workshop 25/26 September in Mountain View Cali
[16:29:37] <spturner> Position papers ar 1-5 pages ... due 14 August get you in the door
[16:30:27] <spturner> if you have questions as Thomas
[16:30:43] <spturner> Expected topics: dark corners, lessons learned, efficiency
[16:31:22] <spturner> etc.
[16:31:26] * carl-ietf has changed the subject to: LTANS meeting in Chicago
[16:32:06] <spturner> what happens at the conference is anybody's guess
[16:32:13] <spturner> aim to have workshop report by NOV
[16:32:22] <spturner> no questions.....
[16:32:39] <spturner> going once :)
[16:32:41] <spturner> gone
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[16:33:00] <spturner> Carl is no presenting milestones
[16:33:20] <spturner> one major work remains ltap
[16:33:40] <spturner> new milestones end in 08
[16:34:03] <spturner> ERS/XML Status (no slides
[16:34:23] <spturner> XMLERS is -00 new version should be out soon after IETF
[16:34:25] <spturner> sdf
[16:34:30] <tgondrom> about XMLERS - to Thomas and room: would you think that XMLERS is relevant for XMLSig?
[16:34:35] <tlr> http://www.w3.org/2007/xmlsec/tlr-ietf-chicago.pdf
[16:34:35] <tlr> does this go through?
[16:34:35] --- tlr has left: Lost connection
[16:34:37] <spturner> LTAP Update: presentation
[16:34:45] <spturner> YES the link worked for me
[16:34:52] <spturner> thank you
[16:35:06] <spturner> changes (lots) top service operation
[16:35:19] <spturner> a bunch of minor edits
[16:35:27] <spturner> there are concrete definitions now
[16:35:38] <spturner> email and http bindings got added
[16:35:45] <spturner> security bindings also got added
[16:36:05] <spturner> http issues raised on PKIX list with respect to SCVP - will adopt boiler plate
[16:36:27] --- tlr has joined
[16:36:40] <spturner> (Paul Hoffman) a lengthy discuss was put on SCVP and almost all was how xyz parts interact with HTTP
[16:37:33] --- shpark has joined
[16:38:43] <spturner> Paul has some quick fixes to answer these issues
[16:39:32] <tgondrom> LTAP: are people satisfied with complexity of LTAP? too complex? not complex enough? - any opinions?
[16:39:37] <spturner> the inclination is to wait and see what boiler plate shakes out
[16:40:10] <spturner> asked question about the complexity ........to the WG
[16:40:31] <spturner> Carl thinks we have to wait to see what happens with metadata spec
[16:40:37] <tgondrom> ok.
[16:41:22] <spturner> there an interesting issue because there's ASN.1 and XML - should the server reply with ASN.1 or XML if the client only supports one
[16:41:36] <spturner> is there an error?
[16:41:45] <spturner> personally seems like the server has to support both ;)
[16:42:10] <spturner> on to DSSC
[16:42:27] <spturner> Thomas Kunz is being channeled by Carl
[16:42:51] <spturner> long term archive intro parts are being skipped because we all agree it's needed
[16:43:02] <spturner> requirements are presented
[16:44:00] <tgondrom> dssc: the document today only covers life time of algorithms. should it also contain info about certificates (revocation dates, initiation dates...)?
[16:44:01] <spturner> Calr thinks the draft is sound and only needs some minor editing
[16:44:24] <spturner> but he thinks that ASN.1 variant should be included
[16:44:43] <spturner> how could it address those? they've already got those
[16:45:23] <spturner> may apply to trust anchors (paul hoffman)
[16:45:56] <spturner> agrre maybe information about trust anchors could be included
[16:46:14] <tgondrom> vote for just take XML
[16:46:32] <tgondrom> Tobias: I would prefer to have only one format - I can see no benefit for two format versions of DSSC
[16:46:54] <geoffbeier> but not just XML :)
[16:48:12] <tgondrom> additional efforts for two versions?
[16:48:16] <spturner> tobias got an answer to carl? yes
[16:48:24] <tgondrom> either XML or ASN.1?
[16:48:43] <tgondrom> but better not both?
[16:49:02] <spturner> asking if an asn.1 implementer is forced to implement parser and sig validation
[16:49:33] <thomas.kunz> Is there any need to integrate the DSSC policy into ERS? If so, ASN.1 could be better choice.
[16:49:46] <tgondrom> E.g. automatically parsed by systems e.g. to verify ERS and automatically initiate renewal of ERS...
[16:51:53] <tgondrom> Carl is right.
[16:52:15] <tgondrom> verify/validate doc will describe it
[16:53:00] --- ryu has left: Disconnected
[16:54:27] <tgondrom> policy is used at time of verification - but need not be included in archiving.
[16:56:35] <spturner> obviously taking the encoding and archiving to the list
[16:58:14] <tgondrom> lost audio
[16:58:28] <tgondrom> audio back online.
[16:58:33] <spturner> I asked about CAdES from SMIME WG and how it relates to this
[16:58:44] <spturner> any jabber questions?
[16:58:51] <tgondrom> no
[16:58:55] <spturner> that's it!
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[16:59:11] <spturner> SMIME will throw that draft over the wall for review
[16:59:15] <tgondrom> thanks a lot! have a nice evening, Tobias
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