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[09:23:21] <hrogge> Hi Christoph
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[10:13:50] <hrogge> @jpmacker: hello from the BattleMeshV5 in Greece :)
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[10:54:35] <hrogge> test
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[10:54:59] <bebemaster> Seems to be working to me :)
[10:55:11] <hrogge> very good :)
[10:55:22] <hrogge> greetings from the BattleMeshV5 from Greece :)
[10:56:32] <hrogge> does someone know if the audio-stream is already working?
[10:57:04] <bebemaster> I believe it is.
[10:57:14] <christoph.barz> Hi Henning!
[10:57:20] <bebemaster> Chrome didn't work for me for some reason
[10:57:35] <christoph.barz> It is working...
[10:57:55] <christoph.barz> ... i mean the audio stream
[10:57:59] <hrogge> I get errors when I try to playlist URL with VLC... what URL/program are you using?
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[10:58:23] <bebemaster> I tunes here.
[10:58:33] <christoph.barz> Windows Media Player
[10:58:45] <hrogge> and what stream URL?
[10:59:44] <bebemaster> room 241
[10:59:58] <christoph.barz> I used the URL from the page ...
[11:00:38] <christoph.barz>
[11:01:32] <hrogge> got it... thank you
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[11:03:48] <bebemaster> pink floyd it isn't even close
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[11:05:36] <badamson> WG Chairs document status slide
[11:05:56] <hrogge> HTTP Links for slides?
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[11:07:09] <christoph.barz>
[11:07:10] <badamson>
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[11:07:51] <badamson> (Christopher's link is slides, mine is the relevant drafts)
[11:08:33] <badamson> Is everyone on here getting the audio stream OK?
[11:09:37] <christoph.barz> It's fine for me ... but it seems the session has not started yet...
[11:09:57] <bebemaster> You might try copying the link over to itunes or windows media player
[11:10:14] <badamson> Thomas Clausen is starting the OLSRv2 Update presentation
[11:10:17] <hrogge> the link to the materials work fine...
[11:10:28] <bebemaster> the built in player for chrome didn't work for me
[11:11:19] <hrogge> *smile*
[11:11:39] <badamson> OLSRv2 version 13 -> 14 highlights incl. coexistence NHDP, using anycast addresses, etc
[11:12:58] <badamson> Teco Boot at the mic
[11:16:03] <badamson> Christopher Dearlove was at mic with date correction comment
[11:16:35] <bebemaster> Is there any issues with directional metrics regarding two hop neighbors and selecting mprs?
[11:17:16] <bebemaster> you made that word up!
[11:18:11] <badamson> Christopher Dearlove at mic said wait until next slide ... (sorry on first misread of the question)
[11:18:28] <bebemaster> (no worries was getting ahead in the slides myself...)
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[11:20:08] <badamson> Justin - does that answer your question?
[11:20:10] <bebemaster> Yes
[11:21:54] <badamson> Any comment on OLSRv2 and readiness for WGLC?
[11:23:39] <badamson> 30 day WGLC will be issued for OLSRv2 draft
[11:24:14] <badamson> Bob Cole presenting REPORT-MIB and SMF-MIB drafts
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[11:34:29] <badamson> Thomas Clausen at mic, expressing appreciation for the MIB authors work here
[11:39:36] <badamson> Ulrich Herberg presenting NHDP Security document
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[11:53:43] <badamson> Thomas Clausen was at mic requesting more input from community on the NHDP-Sec-Threats
[11:53:54] <badamson> Christopher Dearlove at the mic
[11:55:28] <bebemaster> yes
[11:59:20] <bebemaster> I think that we do need different documents for nhdp/olsr/packetbb as the attacks in my opinion are different. Correctly scoping the documents and referencing each others work would be better than a monolithic document attempting to cover all MANET security risks.
[11:59:48] <badamson> (Long line at mic right now)
[12:09:12] <hrogge> yes
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[12:11:16] <badamson> Joe Macker at mic presenting SMF Status
[12:11:49] <badamson> Henning - I wasn't sure what you were saying "yes" to (ending the discussion?)
[12:12:06] <hrogge> yes... it was an answer to the "lets adopt and work on the scope" question
[12:12:24] <badamson> Charlie Perkins presenting "DYMO -> AODV2"
[12:12:28] <hrogge> I have a problems with the audio stream... someone else with this problem?
[12:14:14] <christoph.barz> it works for me
[12:14:25] <hrogge> maybe its my internet connection
[12:14:55] <badamson> Henning - we'll make sure you comment gets into the minutes (let me know if you have questions from missing audio, etc)
[12:15:40] <hrogge> I will
[12:15:53] <hrogge> just short "blackouts" at the moment...
[12:18:57] <bebemaster> Any reactive protocol should use packet-bb. using the same structure buys a protocol reuse of companion documents such as security.
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[12:19:51] <bcheng> test
[12:20:09] <hrogge> I agree to this, whats the use of a common packet format and related documents if we do not use them?
test successful
[12:21:02] <badamson> Christopher Dearlove at mic
[12:21:05] <hrogge> hrogge = Henning Rogge
[12:22:18] <badamson> OK - henning ... what's the phonetic pronunciation of your last name "rahg" or "roje" - sorry for that
[12:23:48] <hrogge> I think its neither nor... ask Ulrich Herberg, Teco or Thomas Clausen for the pronunciation if necessary (they all know me from personal meetings and skype)... but its not that important
[12:25:03] <badamson> I asked Ronald in 't Velt ... but I'm still not sure I would get it right ;-) ... I need to take some language classes
[12:25:29] <hrogge> not much experience how to transport pronunciation over Jabber, sorry ;)
[12:29:34] <badamson> Cedric Lavenu at the mic
[12:30:33] <badamson> Thierry Lys at the mic
[12:32:30] <bebemaster> I would like to see loadng adapted to the manet working group. specifcally rfc5444 compliance. Seems like a minor change to get wg interest.
[12:35:09] <bebemaster> (you can paraphrase my comment)
[12:36:05] <badamson> Emmanuel Baccelli at mic
[12:38:05] <badamson> Stan Ratliff presenting DLEP
[12:38:50] <hrogge> I don't think its completely non-controversial ^^
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[12:40:03] <hrogge> Explanation: I would like to get rid of Sub-TLVs completely in DLEP
[12:40:33] <bebemaster> (I agree and think its doable)
[12:41:55] <badamson> Ulrich Herberg at mic
[12:42:16] <hrogge> I would like to help with resolving the issue
[12:44:06] <hrogge> Yes, solving the issue for RFC5444 would be even better
[12:44:33] <badamson> Teco Boot at mic
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[12:46:05] <badamson> Rick Taylor at the mic
[12:47:29] <bebemaster> I don't think it should be undone or split off.
[12:49:08] <badamson> Rick Taylor at the mic
[12:51:55] <badamson> Joe Macker presenting Radio to Router Interface Framework and Requirements
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[12:53:20] <hrogge> I think DLEP fits for the description of most of the draft...
[12:54:32] <badamson> (Henning - when do you want me to relay that comment?)
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[12:55:26] <hrogge> only if there is too much time left ^^
[12:55:34] <badamson> You mean that DLEP can satisfy most of the requirements listed?
[12:55:48] <veytser> yes - joe is representing correctly
[12:55:59] <hrogge> yes, I think DLEP could satisfy most of them... as just told on the mike
[12:56:31] <bebemaster> The allowable connections types between radio and router peers needs to be better defined in both R2RI and DLEP. Specifically are multiple routers or radios allowed on a single connection.
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[12:58:39] <bebemaster> Exactly it isn't clear and needs to be addressed in the documents
[12:58:58] <hrogge> we could do this with VLAN-Tagged ethernets for each radio interface
[12:59:17] <veytser> we agree it should be more of a framework (not a requirements-type document)
[13:00:20] <bebemaster> Regarding Cole's comment the link protocol type is abstracted within the R2RI framework and it doesn't really matter what it is.
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[13:00:51] <bcheng> test
[13:00:59] <bcheng> ok finally works
[13:01:00] <hrogge> test successful
[13:01:38] <bcheng> framework - moer for different use cases, assumptions, etc
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[13:01:54] <bebemaster> Good meeting today. Wish I were there.
[13:02:10] <badamson> Meeting closing
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