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[00:28:52] <John Dowdell> good morning all, I'll be your jabber scribe today
[00:29:21] <Stan Ratliff> Hello John, thanks for volunteering!
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[00:30:17] <John Dowdell> Hi Stan, I gather it's yesterday evening where you are
[00:30:42] <Stan Ratliff> Yes sir it is. I'm sitting in a hotel romm just outside Dulles Airport...
[00:31:08] <Stan Ratliff> Does anyone here on Meetecho have sound?
[00:31:31] <Stan Ratliff> I don't...
[00:32:05] <Jiazi Yi> thx John
[00:32:16] <Jiazi Yi> I have sound
[00:32:40] <John Dowdell> @meetecho, no sound …
[00:32:56] <Jiazi Yi> @meetecho, both video and audio work well
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[00:33:40] <Stan Ratliff> @meetecho no sound here either.
[00:34:08] <John Dowdell> stan, can you see the slides?
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[00:35:52] <Lou Berger> Etherpad link
[00:35:54] <Lou Berger>
[00:36:08] <Stan Ratliff> I could before I reconnected...
[00:36:19] <John Dowdell> stan is your sound working now?
[00:37:03] <Jiazi Yi> the LC for multipath has finished. now waiting for writeup
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[00:38:33] <Stan Ratliff> Yes. Jiazi is specifically waiting on me to do the writeup. My apologies.
[00:39:11] <Lou Berger> rick presenting for stan
[00:39:28] <Jiazi Yi> @Stan: Looking forward to your comments :)
[00:39:55] <Stan Ratliff> This is cool.... "Rick Taylor Pantomime"... ;-)
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[00:40:26] <Stan Ratliff> (still no sound)
[00:40:43] <Lou Berger> does anyone have sound?
[00:40:53] <Jiazi Yi> I have here, with meetecho
[00:41:06] <Jiazi Yi> using Chrome
[00:41:12] <John Dowdell> all which browsers are you using?
[00:41:21] <Stan Ratliff> Firefox
[00:41:54] <John Dowdell> on mac or windows?
[00:41:59] <Stan Ratliff> mac
[00:42:10] <Jiazi Yi> me on MAC OS.
[00:43:18] <Stan Ratliff> Downloading Chrome now... estimate time to download is showing as 57 years... ;-)
[00:43:32] <John Dowdell> just trying firefox on mac now
[00:43:44] <John Dowdell> questions to dlep update?
[00:44:10] <Simon Romano>     @John Dowdell: both Chrome and Firefox should work fine
[00:45:45] <Stan Ratliff> Lou, your slides are uploaded to the website.
[00:46:48] <John Dowdell> giving up on test, can't do js and test at same time!
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[00:47:39] <Meetecho> John Dowdell: experiencing issues?
[00:48:02] <Meetecho> (sorry, had troubles with my jabber client and could only get in now)
[00:48:11] <John Dowdell> comment from Lou about user being able to choose ipv4 or ipv6. Apparently text doesn't say that.
[00:48:51] <John Dowdell> @meetecho, I'm in the meeting room as jabber scribe. One of our remotees has sound issues on firefox on mac from a hotel room
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[00:49:09] <John Dowdell> lou presenting on dlep extensions
[00:50:28] <John Dowdell> these extensions all control-plane related
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[00:52:07] <John Dowdell> pause extension is like xon/xoff over the control plane
[00:52:32] <Stan Ratliff> SOUND! I HAVE SOUND!
[00:53:42] <John Dowdell> woo hoo!
[00:53:50] <Stan Ratliff> Chrome...
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[00:55:54] <John Dowdell> @meetecho problems now seem to be fixed, thanks
[00:56:20] <Meetecho> John Dowdell: got it, tnx for the update!
[00:57:14] <John Dowdell> @meetecho user with sound issues on firefox on mac switched to chrome, working now
[01:04:18] <Stan Ratliff> I think we should discuss on-list. As a WG participant, I'm leaning towards doing a common sub-tlv document, but it needs discussion.
[01:05:04] <Stan Ratliff> I agree with Rick - DLEP is *not* a management protocol.
[01:06:42] <Stan Ratliff> Yes, I'll volunteer for the sub-tlv document, if we get consensus.
[01:10:51] <Stan Ratliff> consensus for doing the sub-tlv.
[01:11:16] <Stan Ratliff> hummmmm
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[01:17:34] <John Dowdell> Hi Justin
[01:19:02] <John Dowdell> Justin, we've already done DLEP core update and Lou's DLEP pause/restart extension, now doing dscp-aware credit window extension
[01:22:53] <Stan Ratliff> Since credit grants in this draft are absolute, why not just aways use grants instead of credit increments
[01:23:22] <Stan Ratliff> ...seems simpler, and avoids potential synchronization probems.
[01:26:15] <Stan Ratliff> I'll followup on list.
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[01:30:40] <John Dowdell> hello chairs?
[01:30:46] <Stan Ratliff> No comment at present.
[01:31:15] <Justin DEan> List. It really seems slightly soon to ask as this isn't yet a manet document.
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[01:38:02] <Stan Ratliff> No, we didn't get lucky. We got beat silly over there never being two ways to do the same thing.
[01:38:11] <Stan Ratliff> I'd come down on multiple data items.
[01:38:46] <Stan Ratliff> Too much ambiguity, IMO.
[01:44:07] <Stan Ratliff> This is a good discussion for the list.
[01:45:08] <Stan Ratliff> We're headed down a rathole, and I'm out of beer. ;-)
[01:49:51] <Justin Dean> I love this. I really hate not being able to turn off the radio special sause
[01:52:17] <Stan Ratliff> We go to the list - let's ask for WG adoption of the extensions.
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[01:55:30] <Stan Ratliff> Thank you Rick!
[01:55:46] <Jiazi Yi> any updates on the management/multicast?
[01:56:12] <Stan Ratliff> Not sure what you mean.
[01:56:29] <Stan Ratliff> Let's tke it to the list.
[01:56:36] <Jiazi Yi> ok
[01:56:45] <John Dowdell> Thank you all
[01:56:48] <John Dowdell> bye
[01:56:50] <Jiazi Yi> I meant, the two other WG items
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[01:58:03] <Jiazi Yi> thx very much everyone
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