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[10:10:20] <Lou Berger> Hello
[10:10:46] <Henning Rogge> Hello everyone from Germany... :)
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[10:11:51] <Lou Berger> @henning I'm behind on my e-mail
[10:12:01] <Lou Berger> so haven't read all you mail
[10:12:41] <Henning Rogge> @Lou: no problem... take your time
[10:15:38] <Henning Rogge> Voice from the room is difficult to hear... no mike?
[10:18:41] <Henning Rogge> is the mike in the room really working?
[10:19:43] <Henning Rogge> yes
[10:19:49] <Henning Rogge> yes
[10:19:54] <Henning Rogge> MUCH BETTER
[10:19:56] <Henning Rogge> thank you
[10:20:42] <Lou Berger> sorry took so long to fix
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[10:25:24] <Henning Rogge> and we will get more extensions before the current ones are finished
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[10:28:06] <Henning Rogge> DLEP for layer-3 "radios" is the additional thing that is happening... do we have other feature creep beyond this?
[10:31:51] <Lou Berger> in quue
[10:36:52] <Henning Rogge> multicast routing is hard because we are lacking good OS support for it... maybe joining with PIM might be a way to tackle this.
[10:37:28] <Henning Rogge> I am here with meetechpo
[10:37:32] <Henning Rogge> yes, let me try
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[10:40:37] <Henning Rogge> not sure it is working or not
[10:40:50] <Lou Berger> We can't hear you
[10:41:11] <Henning Rogge> okay, that is not good... not sure what is missing
[10:41:23] <Henning Rogge> don't want to jump back to "testing mode"
[10:42:40] <Henning Rogge> What happens if we start to add "smoothed over time" or "variance" TLV?
[10:42:45] <Henning Rogge> one for each metric type?
[10:53:29] <Henning Rogge> I noticed some trouble with DSCP and DLEP radio queues...
[11:08:21] <Henning Rogge> +1 for WG adoption
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