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[12:06:08] <gorryf> Hi - I'm the meetings scribe, but also in the jabber room - Gorry Fairhurst
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[12:08:53] <pk> anybody here _not_ in Grand C?
[12:09:20] <torstenb@jabber.de.cw.net> I'm in Grand C
[12:09:42] <Bill> I'm not, but I may not have time to pay attention anyway so don't scribe in here just for me
[12:13:18] <pk> agenda's here: http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/06nov/agenda/mboned.txt
[12:15:59] <pk> currently speaking: Dino on AMT implementation status (slides aren't uploaded yet)
[12:19:27] <pk> Tim: what is a 'cisco PC'
[12:19:49] <pk> Dino: something you cant't buy ... standard PC with cisco sw on it
[12:22:28] <pk> now: AAA framework for multicast
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[12:33:31] <gorryf> Multicast MIB - David McWalter
[12:34:56] <pk> Martin Horneffer: when using mrtg, having the ifindex in last position is preferred; either have inetversion somewhere else or leave inetversion out
[12:39:02] <pk> dkessens: to get mib doctor review, approach them as chairs
[12:39:25] <pk> mib contributor isn't supposed to do mib doctor review
[12:44:17] <pk> rekhter: useful draft, but worng group
[12:45:03] <pk> [sorry, this was related to the draft-ycai-mboned-mvpn-deploy-00 presentation]
[12:45:34] <pk> "this draft is not about multicast in the public internet"
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[12:46:04] <pk> was this presented to l3vpn? yes!
[13:01:06] <gorryf> Current: Benchmarking MVPN, draft-sdry-bmwg-mvpnscale-00.txt, Silvija Dry
[13:09:55] <gorryf> Current: Lightweight IGMP, draft-liu-magma-igmpv3-mldv2-lite-02.txt, Liu Hui
[13:22:42] <gorryf> Current: Mcast.arpa draft-koch-mboned-mcast-arpa-00.txt, Peter Koch
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[13:42:58] <gorryf> Current ssmping, Stig Vernaas
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[14:11:35] <gorryf> Charter Discussion/Multicast survey status/AOB
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