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[16:02:41] <joel jaeggli> jabber scribe
[16:02:48] <joel jaeggli> agenda bash
[16:02:56] <joel jaeggli> current document status
[16:03:46] <Wes George> Joel, I'm going to try to come over for multrans-path-optimization but I'm in TCPm til then
[16:03:57] <joel jaeggli> tom at mic
[16:04:17] <joel jaeggli> recharter
[16:04:52] <> anyone using the audio channel?...I cant hear anything
[16:05:15] <joel jaeggli> one sec I'll ping somebody
[16:07:05] <joel jaeggli> rn bonica at mic
[16:08:07] <joel jaeggli> in favor of or in oposition to recharter speak on list and we'll forward to ad
[16:10:17] <joel jaeggli> grag bumgardner - atm spec discussion
[16:10:22] <joel jaeggli> er amt
[16:10:53] <joel jaeggli> draft 14 passed wglc to be shepharded after this meeting
[16:11:25] <joel jaeggli> at&t amt update
[16:11:32] <joel jaeggli> bob seiko
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[16:12:23] <joel jaeggli> audio appears to be working
[16:12:37] <leebingice> yes, very clear
[16:13:41] <> yes..Thanks
[16:16:07] <leebingice> who is the speaker now? which slide is explained?
[16:17:53] <joel jaeggli> bob is still the speaker
[16:18:05] <leebingice> thanks
[16:18:09] <joel jaeggli> slides have no numbers but it's the one titled anycast issue
[16:19:47] <joel jaeggli> slide next steps
[16:23:52] <joel jaeggli> lenny g - question multicast peering with other providers?
[16:24:10] <joel jaeggli> bob - there have been some meetings. those are proceeding slowly
[16:25:08] <joel jaeggli> bob - experiments with multicast over wireless at well
[16:25:52] <joel jaeggli> leeny - sounds like for the first time this is really getting used.
[16:26:09] <joel jaeggli> next slide deck
[16:26:20] <joel jaeggli> interdomain multicast bcp draft
[16:26:39] <joel jaeggli> outground of the adis specification
[16:27:12] <joel jaeggli> CDNi is doing interdomain CDNi (redundant) but not addressing multicast at this time.
[16:27:21] <joel jaeggli> greg- two point
[16:27:27] <joel jaeggli> multicast is ip
[16:27:53] <joel jaeggli> cdn should intergrate into the network.
[16:28:06] <joel jaeggli> choir?
[16:28:26] <joel jaeggli> toerless - is there anything that can be done?
[16:28:40] <joel jaeggli> ron - put what you want ot do on the charter.
[16:28:49] <joel jaeggli> greg - we need their feedback
[16:29:06] <joel jaeggli> if the primary dicussion is to take place here.
[16:29:15] <joel jaeggli> bob -
[16:29:26] <Wes George> I had suggested that CDNI needed to make sure that the metadata included support for multicast so that if MBoneD wanted to take it on (or CDNI in a recharter) they wouldn't have to redesign
[16:29:44] <Wes George> you can put that to the mic if it's still relevant - i'm not following audio stream
[16:31:52] <joel jaeggli> next steps slide
[16:35:22] <joel jaeggli> mike mcbride, toerless
[16:37:06] <joel jaeggli> - done
[16:37:18] <joel jaeggli> mike mcbride - multicast datacenter overview
[16:37:28] <joel jaeggli> discussed on the armd list
[16:37:46] <joel jaeggli> decicded to not address multicast within armd charter
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[16:45:32] <joel jaeggli> authors requests - to moboned
[16:46:07] <joel jaeggli> toerless - very basic consideration for large l2 is link local multicast
[16:47:18] <joel jaeggli> ron bonica - few building blocks here
[16:47:32] <joel jaeggli> how multicast is being used in a dc
[16:47:40] <joel jaeggli> how it's different than anywhere else
[16:48:21] <joel jaeggli> how does this information influence how overlays are impacted by this (e.g. this steps on nvo3 scope)
[16:48:38] <joel jaeggli> lenny - anyone read read the draft
[16:48:44] <joel jaeggli> about 4
[16:49:08] <joel jaeggli> about 2 and a half
[16:51:07] <joel jaeggli> tom taylor
[16:51:14] <joel jaeggli> pim adaptation function
[16:54:44] <joel jaeggli> conclusion
[16:55:14] <joel jaeggli> ron -
[16:56:55] <joel jaeggli> brian haberman - who would anyone in the dual stack network ever ask for it
[16:57:16] <joel jaeggli> source domain is only advertising a ipv4 source
[16:57:44] <joel jaeggli> lenny - pretend its not multicast
[16:59:01] <joel jaeggli> tom - address aquisition problem is a seperate draft.
[16:59:20] <joel jaeggli> bottom mr is providing a new service
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[17:05:08] <joel jaeggli> brian haberman
[17:05:32] <joel jaeggli> mad an assumption that the bottom function had to be translation.
[17:06:33] <joel jaeggli> stig venas
[17:06:33] <Tina TSOU> fully agree with Stig
[17:08:06] <joel jaeggli> toerless - if there is a call that we have target implmentations we need some interopability - otherwiese I don't see a reason for this
[17:08:39] <joel jaeggli> lenny - work that you want to present to pim
[17:10:10] <Tina TSOU> Qiong from CT said it
[17:11:52] <joel jaeggli> brian h - part of my issue is tying this back to the use case and problem state document. trying to deal with intradomain issue trying to be to clear whether this interdomain tranform applies
[17:14:44] <joel jaeggli> ron b - finding some use cases.
[17:18:01] <joel jaeggli> stig v - approaches to signal ipv4 embedded ipv6 multicast address
[17:18:41] <joel jaeggli> problem statement
[17:24:01] <joel jaeggli> designated bit/flag in v6 address
[17:28:54] <joel jaeggli> greg- bumgardner - the is a per grou pfalg not a per port flag
[17:32:53] <joel jaeggli> slide solution comparison
[17:33:53] <joel jaeggli> ron-bonica
[17:36:32] <joel jaeggli> brian h - would you ever need to do asm in this matter
[17:39:28] <joel jaeggli> greg - we continue to breath life into interdomain asm - that said we continue have a problem with the ssm transition mechanish as well?
[17:39:35] <joel jaeggli> stig -
[17:41:33] <joel jaeggli> greg - ssm as the only solution forward for interdomain
[17:41:49] <joel jaeggli> vs asm?
[17:42:30] <joel jaeggli> toerless - do you feel what's working for you?
[17:42:41] <joel jaeggli> how do you deal with the bad people?
[17:42:58] <joel jaeggli> tim chown - fair comment - donn't forget the research network?
[17:43:53] <joel jaeggli> lenny - msdp works do we want to continue to extend it
[17:43:59] <joel jaeggli> nope
[17:48:59] <joel jaeggli> cathy zhuo - multitrans path optimization
[17:55:35] <joel jaeggli> conclusions
[17:56:11] <joel jaeggli> ron - and optimzation to the adaptation function in toms presentation
[17:56:39] <joel jaeggli> cathy - could be a general
[17:57:23] <joel jaeggli> ron it seems like her draft would have to have a normative reference to toms draft.
[17:58:30] <joel jaeggli> adoption of this one would contingent on doing the other
[17:58:53] <joel jaeggli> stig - some other scenarios apply
[18:00:45] <joel jaeggli> ron - put it on hold until the scenarios are selected
[18:01:18] <joel jaeggli> tom - multicast equivalent of rfc 6145 - timo k's
[18:01:31] <joel jaeggli> doc points in this direction
[18:02:25] <joel jaeggli> ron - draft jaqnes?
[18:04:18] <joel jaeggli> done
[18:04:21] <joel jaeggli> -
[18:04:39] <Tina TSOU> c u
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