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[15:03:05] <joel jaeggli> joel is jabber scribe
[15:04:52] <joel jaeggli> jeffery from juniper is taking notes
[15:05:00] <joel jaeggli> note well
[15:05:08] <joel jaeggli> agenda
[15:05:34] <joel jaeggli> statsu
[15:05:37] <joel jaeggli> recharter
[15:07:25] <joel jaeggli> amt draft.
[15:11:24] <joel jaeggli> toerless
[15:13:58] <joel jaeggli> joel - update on amt draft discussion
[15:14:54] <joel jaeggli> toerless - desire in transport for circuit breakers on tunnel mechanisms.
[15:15:23] <joel jaeggli> v4v6 multicast ps - updated version on june 5
[15:16:24] <joel jaeggli> shep-udp-multicast guidlines - tsv working group
[15:17:00] <joel jaeggli> a clone of rfc 5405
[15:18:08] <joel jaeggli> shep - security model - discuss issue
[15:18:18] <joel jaeggli> draft tarapore multicast cdni
[15:18:47] <joel jaeggli>
[15:19:27] <joel jaeggli> rev history
[15:22:27] <joel jaeggli> slide 8 proposal
[15:22:45] <joel jaeggli> test for acceptance
[15:22:54] <lennygiuliano> I have read and support acceptance
[15:23:15] <joel jaeggli> 6 people read the draft and belive it should be accepted as a wg document
[15:23:26] <lennygiuliano> 7!
[15:23:29] <joel jaeggli> er seven
[15:23:31] <joel jaeggli> yes
[15:25:28] <joel jaeggli> next preso
[15:25:55] <joel jaeggli> updated version of
[15:25:56] <joel jaeggli>
[15:26:18] <joel jaeggli> mtrace current version slide
[15:26:31] <joel jaeggli> applied to mvpn
[15:29:09] <joel jaeggli> mvpn specifc error codes/conditions
[15:31:26] <joel jaeggli> looking for a home for this.
[15:31:40] <joel jaeggli> l3vpn suggested mboned
[15:31:50] <joel jaeggli> review and feedback
[15:32:14] <joel jaeggli> toerless - so your are not tracing hops through the core
[15:32:39] <joel jaeggli> ? - yeah not the the pe routers
[15:33:44] <joel jaeggli> r kebler
[15:34:48] <joel jaeggli> ice from cisco - the request upgrade you get the same issue in non-mvpn states.
[15:35:13] <joel jaeggli> kbler - yeah on a lan you have a similar problem
[15:35:56] <joel jaeggli> mvpn cochair -
[15:36:26] <joel jaeggli> mvpn will provide feedback
[15:37:02] <joel jaeggli> next presentation
[15:37:07] <joel jaeggli>
[15:37:53] <joel jaeggli> problem statement
[15:38:57] <joel jaeggli> possibly visbile in the global routing table which is why it's dicussed here
[15:44:22] <joel jaeggli> scharma - table capacity / this solution is useful in certain scenarios
[15:45:36] <joel jaeggli> ice - if you have continous joins / prunes you can't really do anything about this
[15:46:43] <joel jaeggli> dino - jp messages are being sent
[15:46:57] <joel jaeggli> the rate is to high contents don't matter
[15:48:52] <joel jaeggli> jeffery - reducing control-plane falpping
[15:50:39] <joel jaeggli> slide proposed procedures
[15:54:05] <joel jaeggli> slid econclusions
[15:56:17] <joel jaeggli> greg - do you expect protocol change or is this local behavior
[15:56:43] <joel jaeggli> A  - we think it doesn't require protocol changes.
[15:56:46] <joel jaeggli> dino - ?
[15:58:16] <joel jaeggli> stig - not chaning what is hppening on the wire
[15:58:47] <joel jaeggli> adjustments to state-machine is a protocol change needs feedback from l3 vpn
[16:00:31] <joel jaeggli> dino - the protocol has to behave the same way today in order to cope with loss of prunes
[16:01:32] <joel jaeggli> next slide
[16:01:32] <joel jaeggli>
[16:08:52] <joel jaeggli> jeffery - that mapping database (is your rp)
[16:09:58] <joel jaeggli> shep - not source discovery reciver discovery
[16:14:27] <joel jaeggli> stig - new solution in pim, flooding active sources descriptions
[16:15:11] <joel jaeggli> thomas - tomorrow in mpls we have something similar
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[16:20:57] <joel jaeggli> thomas - head-end replication was originally unpopular now considered more acceptable
[16:21:38] <joel jaeggli> dino - a good overlay doesn't require upgrading the middle
[16:25:09] <joel jaeggli> next slide deck
[16:25:09] <joel jaeggli>
[16:25:22] <joel jaeggli> morning tina
[16:35:08] <joel jaeggli> jeffery -
[16:35:53] <joel jaeggli> next deck
[16:35:56] <joel jaeggli>
[16:38:55] <joel jaeggli>
[16:41:22] <leebingice> what is wrong? I can not receive audio stream suddently
[16:42:14] <joel jaeggli> depricated embedded rp
[16:42:24] <joel jaeggli> the recording is on a timer
[16:42:45] <joel jaeggli> the meeting is over now
[16:43:01] <leebingice> what a pity
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