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[22:41:37] <joel jaeggli> /subject MBONED IETF 88
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[22:55:14] <joel jaeggli> commencing
[22:55:35] <joel jaeggli> bluesheets and agenda
[22:55:39] <joel jaeggli> note well
[22:56:28] <joel jaeggli> 8 items
[22:56:42] <joel jaeggli> agenda bashing
[22:56:52] <joel jaeggli> status of wg docs3
[22:57:03] <joel jaeggli> recharter is completed
[22:58:13] <joel jaeggli> update on AMT - according to greg-bumgardner global-anycast address we've using using has been assigned by cogent
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[23:05:50] <joel jaeggli> - pwe3 conjection ctronol ciruit breaker
[23:05:52] <joel jaeggli>
[23:06:13] <joel jaeggli> was mentionted as a similar kind of circuit breaker
[23:06:30] <joel jaeggli> cdni - ready for adoption
[23:06:58] <joel jaeggli> status - multrans
[23:07:35] <joel jaeggli> enough support to advnace however some concern about the use cases
[23:07:59] <joel jaeggli> toerless -had a clever idea that may solve all those issues
[23:08:18] <joel jaeggli> first presetation
[23:08:22] <joel jaeggli> geo distribution
[23:08:37] <joel jaeggli> jeffery h -
[23:10:45] <tomtaylor> Don't know if anyone else is listening in remotely, I'm getting distortion on the audio stream - maybe due to overload. Still intelligible. Just wondering if anyone else has that problem, but I imagine you're in the room.
[23:11:15] <joel jaeggli> checking
[23:12:35] <joel jaeggli> yeah the high frequency distortion is wierd
[23:13:43] <tomtaylor> I'll live with it -- better than too low volume I got from Regency D
[23:16:09] <joel jaeggli> yeah not sure if the codecs is introducing that or what
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[23:17:46] <joel jaeggli> current status slide
[23:18:45] <joel jaeggli> comments -
[23:18:54] <joel jaeggli> stig - seems a bit abstract
[23:19:04] <joel jaeggli> what kind of policues are useful
[23:21:46] <joel jaeggli> ? - examples are potentially too croncrete
[23:25:23] <joel jaeggli> stig - understand that bgp extensions are done outside this wg.
[23:25:37] <joel jaeggli> but mentioning those in here would be helpful
[23:26:21] <joel jaeggli> - heow many have read it?
[23:26:25] <joel jaeggli> 5 hands
[23:26:49] <joel jaeggli> how many would be supporting it
[23:26:56] <tomtaylor> Audio disaappeared
[23:27:09] <joel jaeggli> yeah
[23:27:15] <joel jaeggli> they're working on it
[23:27:18] <tomtaylor> Got it back by pause-go
[23:27:21] <joel jaeggli> a few
[23:27:29] <joel jaeggli> opposed zero
[23:27:42] <joel jaeggli> next preso -
[23:27:52] <joel jaeggli> toerless one option avoiding nat
[23:28:24] <joel jaeggli> multrans challanger
[23:30:44] <joel jaeggli> concept slide 3
[23:30:52] <joel jaeggli> slide 4
[23:32:12] <tomtaylor> Analogous to GW-initiated DS-Lite
[23:33:06] <joel jaeggli> slide 5
[23:36:44] <joel jaeggli> stig  -  homegateway issues with usecase 1
[23:40:06] <joel jaeggli> lenny - next steps
[23:40:44] <joel jaeggli> toerless - if other poeple htink this is a good idea then we define the scope of work as inclusive this?
[23:40:55] <joel jaeggli> greg - need to have a document
[23:42:18] <tomtaylor> Yes, I think so
[23:42:29] <joel jaeggli> lenny who thinks this is interesting  and should progress?
[23:42:32] <tomtaylor> That it is interesting
[23:42:36] <joel jaeggli> about 5 people?
[23:43:18] <tomtaylor> Lost the sound again
[23:43:23] <joel jaeggli> ? - I don't know that it will work? if we can anwser these questions then maybe we can proceed
[23:44:09] <joel jaeggli> they're dinking with it
[23:44:20] <tomtaylor> It's back
[23:44:49] <joel jaeggli> tim c - In homenet if you have v6 only then you should have v6 services - wouldn't like to make the homegateway more complex
[23:46:10] <joel jaeggli> tim c - nothing doing multicast already in home-networks
[23:46:54] <tomtaylor> It occurred to me: is this a matter for mboned or for PIM? The problems are still there, just the solution changes
[23:49:40] <joel jaeggli> tina tso -
[23:50:09] <joel jaeggli> toerles s- what do you expect the homegw is supporting
[23:51:42] <joel jaeggli> tina - do you have existing expections?
[23:53:10] <joel jaeggli> the majority of iptv deployments are in non-cable devices
[23:57:42] <joel jaeggli> ? - needs a draft
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