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Kyle Rose has set the subject to: mboned IETF 102
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[09:17:50] <Warren kumari> Meetecho meetecho meetecho -- help plese. Mboned the mouse / trackapd seems to have gone niuts.
[09:18:20] <Warren kumari> The mouse is jumping all over the screen on the meetecho machine / projector.
[09:18:39] <Meetecho> Looking into it (y)
[09:18:40] <Warren kumari> Might only be on presentation laptop / projector.
[09:18:55] <Warren kumari> Cannot see it on the stream.
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[09:21:31] <Meetecho> Is it still happening Warren?
[09:21:31] <Mikael Abrahamsson> I'm jabber scribe.
[09:21:53] <Mikael Abrahamsson> meetecho: it looked like the mouse pointer was moving around weirdly just a minute ago
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[09:22:22] <Meetecho> I disabled the touchpad remotely, so hopefully it should be fixed now: please let me know if that's not the case
[09:25:23] <Warren kumari> Fixed! Thank you!
[09:26:16] <Meetecho> (y)
[09:27:54] <Warren kumari> (For background / future reference -- it was jumping vertically only. I checked for somethng resting on it, moved the laptop slightly (in case of induced RF), etc. Iif I placed my finger on the trackpad it would stop, and restart when I lifted it again. Not sure if this is a known failure mode, but figured worth explaining in case it is hardware issue)
[09:28:05] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Jake Holland at mic
[09:29:01] <Meetecho> (Yeah, probably a hw issue with the trackpad, I've added a note to check when things settle)
[09:29:01] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Stig Venaas at mic
[09:29:53] <Warren kumari> (as always, thank you!)
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[09:36:59] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Stig Venaas at mic
[09:38:31] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Jake Holland at mic
[09:39:21] <Mikael Abrahamsson> is the sound level ok?
[09:40:06] <Mikael Abrahamsson> I could ask charlie to raise the mic otherwise
[09:41:59] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Dorothy Stanley at mic
[09:43:53] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Mikael Abrahamsson at mic
[09:53:40] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Mike Mcbride at mic
[09:54:43] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Stig Venaas at mic
[09:56:25] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Jake Holland at mic
[10:02:00] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Jake Holland at mic
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[10:25:28] <Mikael Abrahamsson> end of session
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